Crowdfunding Class

Having successfully funded four Kickstarters for her comic Boston Metaphysical Society, writer/creator, Madeleine Holly-Rosing will share her very specific and practical strategies for running a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of under 10K. This class is designed for independent creators who cannot afford to hire a team or a PR person.

The class will cover:

·         Are You Ready to Launch? Most people are not. We will cover selecting a platform, social media, PR, preparing your email list, interviews/podcasts, reaching out at Comic Cons and other events, crunching those numbers, avoiding postage pitfalls and much more!

·         Developing Your Kickstarter Page. This time, it is all about YOU! What’s your story? Do you have street cred? Rewards Tiers unraveled. Important information about your video.

·         You’ve LaunchedNow what? Strategies to maintain momentum during the campaign. Timing is everything.

·         Fulfillment. Woot! You did it. Managing backer expectations, plus practical applications of packaging and mailing.

Having failed to reach her goal on her first Kickstarter, Madeleine snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by re-strategizing her campaign. Re-launching 3 months later, the 2nd campaign was fully funded in less than 48 hours, the 3rd was 109% funded, the 4th was 216% funded, and the fifth not only was funded in less than 48 hours and was ultimately 297% funded.

Cost: $40. Date: April 22 Sign up by emailing:

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