Creator Signing Dylan Campbell (Scared by the Bell)

Hey guys, one last thing! Dylan Campbell, who you may have met at the Culver store or joined his monthly Comic Jam, is going to be hanging out at the Culver store this Saturday to promote his series, Scared by the Bell! I’m so excited! I’m so excited! If you can pop by on the 31st between opening and 6 PM, take a peek at his stuff and say hello! More info below.

If you’ve picked up #1 and want to know what’s next, or just want to start reading – come by!

Middle School is full of monsters.  “Scared by the Bell” is a comic book about Peter, a 6th grader, trying to survive the terrors of his new school.  We all know middle school is bad for everyone, but imagine being bullied by a vampire and a werewolf, or sitting next to a Cyborg in class.  Can Peter survive the experience?  Come by Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City to pick up issue #1 and find out!

“Scared by the Bell” is a middle-grade comic book full of monsters targeted for kids (8 and up) and parents who refuse to grow up.

You can check out the webcomic at:

Dylan Campbell is a local writer/artist and Pulp Fiction Comic Store advocate.

– Ryan