Deals of the Week 9/9

Atomic Robo and The Ring of Fire #1 Deal of the Week $1.99!

(W) Brian Clevinger (A/CA) Scott Wegener
Atomic Robo disappeared two years ago when Tesladyne was invaded by Majestic 12 and transformed into ULTRA, a task force leveraging the U.S. surveillance and military industries against scientific pursuits deemed to be hazardous. Now, the few remaining Action Scientists finally have a plan to find Robo, but they’ve got to dive deep into ULTRA territory to do it! (And meanwhile, giant monsters from the sea might destroy all of civilization.)

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Faster Than Light #1 Deal of the Week $1.99!

(W/A/CA) Brian Haberlin

In the very near future we discover the secret of faster-than-light travel. Suddenly the universe is wide open to us, but are we ready for it? With all the idealism of the original Star Trek and the grit and immediacy of Gravity, the story of humanity’s first thrilling and terrifying adventures to the stars takes flight!
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Head Lopper #1 Deal of the Week $2.99!

(W/A/CA) Andrew MacLean
Action. Adventure. Fantasy. Decapitation! ApocalyptiGirl creator ANDREW MACLEAN brings this critically acclaimed indie hit to Image Comics! The dark humored quarterly adventure begins with a double-sized first issue, with eighty pages of story and a premium pin-up gallery for the regular price of just $5.99! “HEAD LOPPER is what you’d get if Mike Mignola wrote an issue of Brian Wood’s Northlanders by way of James Stokoe’s ORC STAIN.” – Multiversity Comics.
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Atomic Robo GN Everything Explodes Collection Deal of the Week $19.99!

(W) Brian Clevinger (A/CA) Scott Wegener
Three volumes of Atomic Robo are collected in this handsome single edition. Robo faces his greatest foes: a clockwork pyramid, the planet Mars, Stephen Hawking, a parasitic universe, and Nazi super weapons. Collects The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne, The Dogs of War, and The Shadow From Beyond Time volumes into one omnibus!

Cover Price: $39.99