Graphic Novel Review: Harrow County Vol 1

Harrow County CoverHarrow County

By Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook

The fact that Mike Mignola has a quote on the cover of this one is pretty indicative of not only genre and tone, but quality as well.

Taking more the Stephen King route of well-defined characters presented with a problem than the “onward, onward zombie soldier” trend in many comics, Harrow County is about a small town with a secret. This isn’t necessarily a new idea, but the execution, naturalistic dialogue and true horror presented do with a set horror premise what most books can’t with completely original ideas.

On top of that, there are witches! Maybe the most underused and over-symbolized monster/dark character, Bunn and Crooks’ witches are both sympathetic and completely terrifying. There’s no gray area here: monsters are real, it’s not a dream, and survival is not guaranteed.

It’s that real darkness that sends our hero, the newly eighteen Emmy, from her home and into the world. She’s known she was different for some time, but now she’s discovered that she may not even be Emmy.

For fans of Hellboy and the “Mignola-verse,” The Village (but not garbage), and strong horror in general, Harrow County is a sure bet.

-Eric Bryan

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