Newsletter 11/17/14

Hello everyone. Lots of cool stuff this week. I will definitely be going home with one of those Saga hardcovers and I'm interested in the Teen Titans Earth One collection as well. Don't forget, both Pulp Fiction stores will be having a big old sale on Black Friday this month. We'll be open regular hours, … Continue Reading ››

Newsletter 11/10/14

Hello everyone! It's a good week to make your way into the store because we're doing another deal of the week triple-header for new comics! Drifter #1, Kitchen #1, and Deep State #1 are all $1.99 this week. See below in the featured section for descriptions. It's a great opportunity to try something new. I … Continue Reading ››

Newsletter 11/4/14

Whew. Still recovering from Comikaze.Thanks to those who came by our booth and said hi. Lots of cool graphic novels this week. I'm personally very excited to take home a copy of The Wake and a hardcover version of Arkham Asylum. From what I saw of Tooth and Claw at Image Expo it's the slam … Continue Reading ››