Newsletter 8/18/14

8/18/14 Hope everyone had a good (and cool) weekend.  As of this newsletter, we're just 5 shy of reaching 700 email subscribers!  If you're reading this as a post, you can sign up here to get the newsletter directly. We're also on Continue Reading ››

Newsletter 8/11/14

8/11/14 Happy Monday everyone! If all goes according to plan (IF!), we should have our brand spanking new glass displays and lots of sexy new figures and statues to put in them on Tues, ready for your viewing (and purchasing nudge nudge) pleasure this Wednesday. Also, in case you didn't see … Continue Reading ››

Newsletter 8/4/14

Thank you to all the creators and customers who participated in our first Artist Alley Saturday this past weekend! For those that couldn't make it, we still have a few copies of some of the creators' books here for sale. Stay tuned for details about our next Artist Alley Saturday! Guardians of … Continue Reading ››

Around the Web 7/28

It was all about the San Diego Comic Con last on some of the highlights: Marvel's Star Wars plans: ...and preview Star Wars issue #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassiday: Avengers: Age of Ultron panel live: A recap of DC related Con happenings... Continue Reading ››