Pulp Fiction Long Beach Newsletter Week of 4/10/19

Hello everyone! Detective #1000 is back! We will have pretty much all the covers this week, so if there was one you missed let us know and we’ll put one aside for you. We will also have more copies of Little Bird #1, my personal favorite new series from the last few weeks.

But that’s all old news! What about this week’s new stuff??? This Wednesday is looking hawt indeed. First we have Symbiote Spider-Man featuring a nostalgic look back at Peter in the old black and white duds. I think this will be the bestseller this week (preview link below). We also get our first War of the Realms tie-in with Journey Into Mystery! “I don’t care about any of the tie-ins!” you say. Well, before you write this one off, know this! It’s written by the Brothers McElroy of My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast fame. They are hilarious individuals and I have no doubt this comic is going to be great (preview link below).

On the indy side of things, we have an erotic dark fantasy book from writer Brian Azarello and artist Maria Llovet with covers by Paul Pope and Tula Lotay (Lotay’s cover is apparently NSFW and will come in a secret plastic bag and also there’s a preview link below). Speaking of Lotay, she also has an alternate cover this week for a book that I actually got to read beforehand! It’s called Fairlady and it is wonderful. Imagine private investigator style stories in a fantasy, Avatar-esque universe. It’s beautifully drawn with great page layouts and witty dialogue. It’s also cool that each issue is its own self-contained mystery. Highly recommended. I’ve embedded a cool video teaser below.

Anyone see Shazam? Man I sure hope so because I want a sequel! Everyone I’ve spoken to about it seems to agree they got this character right so yay DC! We have copies here of the N52 Shazam series as well as Jeff Smith’s Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil that are great books to pick up if you’re still jazzed from the flick.

As far as the store goes, I have done a little redecorating in the PULPreads Library that I’m quite proud of and excited to expand upon. Check it out even if you’re not taking advantage of the program. The Trading Post area is overflowing with new additions! I bought a really cool collection of mostly indy books yesterday. They are priced, hot, fresh and ready for a new home.

Finally, I got a chance to meet a cool dude today with an even cooler looking book coming out this summer. His name is Chris Jaymes and his book is called Sons of Chaos and it looks sexy as hell. We’re going to try to get him in here for some kind of promotion closer to the release of the book (he’s a LB native!). For now, check out their website https://sonsofchaos.com/ to see some of the artwork, or better yet, come in the store and see for yourself! Chris was kind enough to leave a sampler that includes the first 30 pages (the book will be 200 pages when it’s released). The artwork is gorgeous and perfect for fans of 300 or Game of Thrones. Thanks Chris! See you at the bottom…

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Marvel Preview: Symbiote Spider-Man #1
This is an all-new tale that pits the wall-crawling wonder against that most mystifying of menaces…MYSTERIO!


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Faith. Sex. The Devil.


Marvel Preview: The War Of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #1
Journey into Mystery with Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Wonder Man, and Balder the Brave as they go on an epic quest to save Earth’s only hope! (And, yes, deal with diaper duty.)


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New & Noteworthy Comics 

Click here for a full list of all of the week’s new releases.

Symbiote Spider-Man #1
(W) Peter David (A) Iban Coello (CA) Greg Land
Everyone knows that Spider-Man’s infamous black suit would someday become the wicked web-slinger called Venom – but what happened BEFORE Peter Parker discovered the black suit’s sinister secret? Find out in this dynamic tale from comics legends PETER DAVID and GREG LAND!
Set during the original “Black Suit Saga,” this is an all-new tale that pits the wall-crawling wonder against that most mystifying of menaces…MYSTERIO!

War of the Realms Journey Into Mystery #1 (of 5)
(W) Clint McElroy, Justin McElroy, More (A) Andre Araujo (CA) Valerio Schiti, David Curiel
The creators of the blockbuster podcast The Adventure Zone bring their talents to Marvel for a wild romp through THE WAR OF THE REALMS!
Earth is at war, besieged by an army of Frost Giants, Trolls and Fire Goblins – and the mighty Thor is nowhere to be found! But could it be that the key to turning the tide is…Thor’s baby sister? Journey into Mystery with Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Wonder Man, and Balder the Brave as they go on an epic quest to save Earth’s only hope! (And, yes, deal with diaper duty.)

Fairlady #1
(W) Brian Schirmer (A/CA) Claudia Balboni, Marissa Louise

Every fantasy epic ends with a war. But what happens when the war is over? After posing as a man to join the army, Jenner Faulds returns home to The Feld for a new start as a “Fairman”-a specially licensed private investigator. But sexism didn’t end on the battlefield, and as the only “Fairlady,” Jenner gets stuck with the cases nobody else wants. Hitting the streets to solve The Feld’s overlooked mysteries, Jenner finds that the smallest cases hide the biggest secrets.

Writer Brian Schirmer, artist Claudia Balboni (Star Trek), and colorist Marissa Louise team up for FAIRLADY-an all-new series with the procedural case-solving of Magnum, P.I. and Fables, but set in a vibrant, RAT QUEENS-like high fantasy world. Plus, this-and every-issue contains a complete 30-page story!


Faithless #1 (of 5)
(W) Brian Azzarello (A) Maria Llovet (CA) Paul Pope
Faith. Sex. The Devil.
Faith likes to dabble with magic. Her friends think it’s cute-and not just a little off-putting, but it’s part of her charm and her warped search for purpose in a world that makes too much sense. But she’s a true believer and knows there is a power within her reach. She’s right, of course. It just took a while for that magic, that temptation, that unknowable thing to find her . . .
In short- Faith is bored as hell. And Hell has noticed.
New York Times bestselling writer Brian Azzarello ( 100 Bullets , Batman: Damned ) and artist Maria Llovet ( Loud ) with Eisner Award winning artist Paul Pope on covers coalesce in a story of self-exploration, eroticism, and maybe even love.


Orphan Age #1
(W) Ted Anderson (A/CA) Nuno Plati
One day all the adults died, all over the world, at the same time.
Now it’s twenty years later, and the children – all grown up – are still rebuilding the world. Horses and caravans are the only thin lines connecting tiny, scattered settlements – little sparks in the great dark night. Gasoline is gone, phones long-dead, television a memory. The only power in America is the New Church, the religion of the angry children, that blames the destruction of the old world on the dead adults.
In the settlement of Dallastown, a stranger comes riding in one day, telling a story of escape from the New Church’s unstoppable Firemen. The Church is on the march, and the world might burn again – and the only hope might be a scared teenage girl, a gunslinger keeping his se-crets, and a woman of few words and long knives. Welcome to the Orphan Age.
Written by Ted Anderson (MOTH & WHISPER, My Little Pony, Adventure Time) with art by Nuno Plati (Alpha: Big Time, Marvel Girl).

She Could Fly Lost Pilot #1 (of 5)
(W) Christopher Cantwell (A/CA) Martin Morazzo
The acclaimed miniseries continues! Luna has crash-landed back into her life after spending a year in a mental institution . . . but that might just mean she’s closer to the edge than she’s ever been before. After discovering clues about the Flying Woman’s missing family, Luna’s obsession reignites, threatening to again unravel her fragile mind. Meanwhile, a mysterious guru appears in the sewers of Chicago and a Russian mercenary seeks old secret technology, and the specter of violence begins to loom over everyone once more. Luna begins to wonder . . . will she even survive long enough to go insane?

That’s it for this week!