Pulp Fiction Long Beach Newsletter Week of 4/3/19

Hello everyone! Anybody at Wondercon? Not me I’m afraid. Will try to make it next year! With the exception of a couple of blank covers, we are completely sold out of Detective #1000, BUT…we have more on the way. I think we pretty much have every cover on the way and expect to have them April 10. If you’re a subscriber and you missed it, let us know and we’ll put one aside. That also goes for Spider-Man Life Story #1 which we are getting more of this week.

The big book this Wednesday is Jason Aaron’s massive War of the Realms event. Aaron and Dauterman have been one of Marvel’s most consistent creative teams with their work on Thor for years. This one should be a no-brainer. And what’s that? Rob Liefield has a new Marvel series starring a new character with X in his title? No need to check your Calendar. It’s still 2019. See you at the bottom…

New & Noteworthy Comics 

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The War of the Realms #1 (of 6)
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Russell Dauterman (CA) Arthur Adams, Matthew Wilson
Asgard. Alfheim. Heven. Jotunheim. Muspelheim. Niffleheim. Nidavellir. Svartalfheim. Vanaheim. All of the Ten Realms have fallen to Malekith and his army except one: Midgard. Home to Thor’s beloved humans. Home to heroes and gods alike. Now, at last, it burns. And Thor won’t even be there to see it.
All hell breaks loose in New York City as Malekith and his allies begin their invasion – and the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe watch as the Earth falls!

Section Zero #1 (of 6)

(W) Karl Kesel (A/CA) Tom Grummett, Karl Kesel
A team of fearless adventurers uncovers the secrets behind UFOs, MONSTERS, and LOST CIVILIZATIONS! It’s “JACK-KIRBY-does-The-X-Files” in this miniseries by one of comics’ classic creative teams-KARL KESEL (Harley Quinn, Superboy) and TOM GRUMMETT (The Death of Superman, Superboy)-and some of the greatest alternative cover artists in the industry!

Marvel Team-Up #1 

(W) Eve Ewing (A) Joey Vazquez (CA) Stefano Caselli
•  After a science demonstration at Empire State University goes awry, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man find themselves tangled up in the same chaotic adventure. Is it destiny? Or disaster?!
•  Eve L. Ewing (IRONHEART) and Joey Vazquez (SPIDER-GEDDON) team up for the first thrilling arc of a mind-bending and magnificent new series!


Major X #1 (of 6)

(W) Rob Liefeld (A/CA) Rob Liefeld
•  A mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs!
•  What is his mission and how can the man known as Cable hope to stop him?
•  Writer/artist Rob Liefeld introduces a new wrinkle in the saga of Marvel’s Mightiest Mutants!
•  The Mystery of MAJOR X continues in issue #2 as he forges a union with Cable – and races against time to save mutantkind from certain devastation!


That’s it for this week!

– Ryan