Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 1/11/17

Hey everyone, Ryan looked like he could use a break from the extremely arduous task of putting this newsletter together (JK jajaja) so I, Max, am taking over for now.  It’s a pretty light week for graphic novels other than the first TP of Tom King’s Batman Rebirth series, but there are A LOT of comics coming out!  As I recently started re-watching Power Rangers from the beginning, I’m most excited for Justice League/Power Rangers #1.  Writer Tom Taylor has done some great work on Injustice and All-New Wolverine and Stephen Byrne drew some excellent issues of Green Arrow recently so it should be a good one!  We’ve also got the second issues of Marvel’s mini-event Inhumans vs X-Men and “Team Batgirl”‘s Motor Crush #2.

New Comics Highlights

Click here for a full list of all of the week’s new releases.

God Country #1 Deal of the Week 50% OFF!

(W) Donny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw

Emmet Quinlan, an old widower rattled by dementia, isn’t just a problem for his children-his violent outbursts are more than the local cops can handle. When a tornado levels his home-as well as the surrounding West Texas town-a restored Quinlan rises from the wreckage. The enchanted sword at the eye of the storm gives him more than a sound mind and body, however. He’s now the only man who can face the otherworldly creatures the sword has drawn down to the Lone Star State…
“So much fun to watch creators find that next level. Go, Cates, go!” -Brian Michael Bendis


Justice League / Power Rangers #1

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Stephen Byrne

Two of comics greatest teams team up for the very first time! Something terrible has happened in Angel Grove! When the Command Center is breached and the teleporters are damaged, Zack is flung into another universe, where he’s mistaken for a villain by a mysterious masked vigilante. Can the other Power Rangers get to their friend in time to save him from Batman?
***Several different covers are available, let us know ASAP if you want a specific cover!***


Inhumans vs X-Men #2

(W) Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire (A) Leinil Francis Yu

• The Inhumans have failed to find a way to stop the deadly effect the Terrigen Cloud has on Mutantkind, so the X-Men have taken matters into their own hands.
•  New Attilan is under attack!
•  The Inhumans aren’t surrendering their home without a fight, but is there something larger a stake?


Shadows on the Grave #2

(W/A) Richard Corben

A treacherous nephew seeks to relieve his ancient hermit aunt of her fortune. A desolate swamp changes all who dare trespass. An accommodating spirit lingers in a cemetery guiding visitors to their graves. And a barbarian hero tries to save his kingdom from a monstrous Cyclops.


Motor Crush #2

(W) Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr (A) Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Karl Kerschl

Domino confronts her father about the “machine narcotic” Crush, and is forced to put her life on the line to save an old flame from danger. Featuring Part Two of ISOLA: PROLOGUE by BRENDEN FLETCHER and KARL KERSCHL!


Graphic Novel Highlights

Black Panther A Nation Under Our Feet Book 02 TP

(W) Ta-Nehisi Coates (A) Chris Sprouse

Counting down the final days of the kingdom of Wakanda! As Zenzi and The People poison Wakanda’s citizens against the Black Panther, a cabal of nation-breakers is assembled. And Ayo and Aneka, the Midnight Angels, are courted to raise their land to new glory! His allies dwindling, T’Challa must rely on his elite secret police, the Hatut Zeraze, and fellow Avenger Eden Fesi, a.k.a. Manifold! And with T’Challa’s back truly against the wall, some old friends lend a hand: Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Storm! But Wakanda may be too far gone for this all-new, all-different crew – and there’s one job the Panther must handle alone. Only he can voyage into the Djalia! Getting there is hard enough, but can he even find his sister Shuri inside Wakanda’s collective memory? Collecting BLACK PANTHER (2016) #5-8, plus JUNGLE ACTION #6-7 and bonus content.

Cover Price: $15.99
Pulp Price: $9.59 (40% OFF)


Aquaman (Rebirth) Vol 01 The Drowning TP

(W) Dan Abnett (A) Brad Walker, Scot Eaton, Philippe Briones, Oscar Jimenez, Mark Morales, Wayne Faucher

Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, has never found a true home in either of the worlds that he was born of. In these tales from AQUAMAN: REBIRTH #1 and issues #1-6 of the new series, the King of Atlantis attempts to broker a peace between Atlantis and the surface, but this noble quest might force Aquaman to choose whether to live his life above the waves, or below them. Plus, Black Manta makes his bloody return and seeks to destroy everything and everyone Aquaman loves!

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Price: $10.19 (40% OFF)


Batman (Rebirth) Vol 01 I Am Gotham TP

(W) Tom King, Scott Snyder (A) David, Finch, Mikel Janin, Ivan Reis
The Caped Crusader has never been stopped. Not by the Joker. Not by Two-Face. Not even by the Justice League. But now, in the wake of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, Batman faces his most challenging foe ever-the idealistic hero known as Gotham, who wants to save the city from Batman himself! Collects the pages of BATMAN: REBIRTH #1 and issues #1-6 of the new, hit BATMAN series! This collection features a new cover by superstar artist David Finch!

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Price: $10.19 (40% OFF)

House of Penance TP

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Ian Bertram

A horrific take on the true story of the Winchester haunted house and one woman’s mission to wash away the blood curse of the Winchester rifle from claiming her own life and soul. This is a tale of guilt, ghosts, and guns . . . of how fortune brings misfortune as a grim and determined woman oversees the construction of a house twenty-four hours a day for twenty years, with the simple motto of keep busy building or get busy dying. Collects the six-issue miniseries.

Cover Price: $19.99
Pulp Price: $13.99 (30% OFF)


Flash The Silver Age Omnibus Vol 02 HC

(W) John Broome, Gardner Fox, Robert Kanigher (A) Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella, Murphy Anderson, Frank Giacoia

These adventures from THE FLASH #133-163 feature the Scarlet Speedster’s battles with some of his best-known foes: Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Pied Piper, Reverse-Flash, Heat Wave, Trickster, Weather Wizard and more. This collection also guest-stars Kid Flash, the Golden Age Flash, the Elongated Man and Green Lantern.  

Cover Price: $99.99
Pulp Price: $59.99 (40% OFF)

That’s it for this week!