Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 11/22/17

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving week. We certainly feel thankful for having such wonderful customers! I wish you all a safe and belly-filling holiday. Ok, now that the sentiments are out of the way, let’s get down to the other thing this week is all about: buying stuff! For those of you that are not visiting family from afar this week, be sure to swing by here as we will in Black Friday mode. And as is the trend with everyone else it seems, we will also be extending our Black Friday sale to earlier in the week. In addition to our typical Friday thru Sunday Black Friday sale days, we will have sale items here on Wednesday as well. Bonus! 

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Black Friday SALE!
Wed Nov 22nd thru Sunday Nov 26th

Lot’s of clearance toys, collectibles, and omnibuses! You know the drill. If we have too much of it, it has to go! We’ll have another Sidewalk Sale (fill up a small comic box for just $9.99) with a new selection of comics for both stores as well.

Creator Signing – Dylan Campbell (Scared by the Bell) 
Saturday Dec 2nd 

Middle School is full of monsters.  “Scared by the Bell” is a comic book about Peter, a 6th grader, trying to survive the terrors of his new school.  We all know middle school is bad for everyone, but imagine being bullied by a vampire and a werewolf, or sitting next to a Cyborg in class.  Can Peter survive the experience?  Come by Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City to pick up issue #1 and find out!  “Scared by the Bell” is a middle-grade comic book full of monsters targeted for kids (8 and up) and parents who refuse to grow up.
You can check out the webcomic at: 

Dylan Campbell is a local writer/artist and Pulp Fiction Comic Store advocate. 


New Comics Highlights

Click here for a full list of all of the week’s new releases.

Doctor Radar #1 Deal of the Week 50% OFF!

(W) Noel Simsolo (A) Bezian (CA) Francesco Francavilla
Paris 1920. A gentleman detective plays a deadly game with a criminal mastermind, Doctor Radar, while investigating a series of horrific deaths! An atmospheric masterpiece perfect for fans of pulp noir and deadly criminal masterminds!

Doomsday Clock #1

(W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Gary Frank
DC Comics presents to you a 12-issue maxiseries from the critically acclaimed team of writer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson. You are not prepared for what lies ahead within these pages, good readers.

Maxwell’s Demons #1

(W) Deniz Camp (A/CA) Vittorio Astone
Maxwell Maas may be the greatest mind the world has ever known, but at 10-years-old he has a lot to learn. Adventuring to distant worlds through his makeshift multiversal closet door, Max will encounter greatness and menace on a cosmic scale. Fans of Gaiman’s Sandman will feel at home in the expansive, daring universe of Maxwell’s Demons.

Void Trip #1

(W) Ryan O’Sullivan (A/CA) Plaid Klaus
From writer RYAN O’SULLIVAN (Turncoat, The Evil Within, Warhammer 40,000) and illustrator PLAID KLAUS (Turncoat), comes the story of Ana and Gabe, the last two humans left alive in the galaxy. They’re low on fuel, they’re low on food, and they’re low on psychedelic space froot, but they’re still determined to make it to the promised land: hippy-paradise, super-planet Euphoria. This is the story of their journey, the friends and enemies they made along the way, and how the universe responded to those who dared to live freely within it.

Demon Hell Is Earth #1

(W) Andrew Constant (A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy
Jason Blood and Etrigan: the best of enemies, destined to spend eternity bound together. When a haunting vision leads Jason to Death Valley, a supernatural weapon is unleashed, radically transforming not only the land, but also Blood…and the Demon. The worst, though, is yet to come, as hell begins to make its way into our world. Don’t miss the start of this horrifying miniseries, where Etrigan and Blood’s relationship will be changed forever!
Graphic Novel Highlights

Batman Shadow The Murder Geniuses HC
(W) Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando (A/CA) Riley Rossmo
While investigating the murder of a Gothamite, Batman identifies his prime suspect as Lamont Cranston…but there are two problems with that. One, Batman is not aware of Lamont’s alter ego as the master detective known as the Shadow. Two, and more importantly, Cranston seems to have died over half a century ago! The Shadow was a major influence of the Batman himself and now appears in this incredible six-issue miniseries. Collects BATMAN/THE SHADOW #1-6 and a story from BATMAN ANNUAL #1. 

Cover Price: $24.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $14.99 (40% OFF)

Nick Fury TP Deep Cove Capers Vol 1
(W) James Robinson (A/CA) Aco
His name is Fury. Nick Fury. The world is a dangerous place – and when S.H.I.E.L.D. needs a lone agent to infiltrate, capture and remain anonymous, there’s no one better than him. Now, an all-new era for the super spy begins as Fury embarks on a top-secret mission to the French Riviera – but will he meet his match in the mysterious Frankie Noble? Fury plays the spy game in caper after caper – preventing an assassination on the maiden voyage of a new international train line, diving into the deep blue sea to uncover a Hydra spy in Atlantis and vacationing in a sleepy little town…complete with lethal sleeper agents! But when Fury heads to Ravenlock Castle, he’ll find a mystery his father left behind! Grab the edge of your seat and don’t let go! Collecting NICK FURY #1-6.

Cover Price: $17.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.79 (40% OFF)

Winnebago Graveyard TP
(W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Alison Sampson
An American family’s vacation turns into a nightmare when they stop in a small California town. Before they know what’s happening, they’ve become the targets of the town’s citizens who just happen to be Satanists. What comes next is a wild ride of terror and survival.

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.89 (30% OFF)



Forbidden Scrollery GN Vol 1
(W) Zun (A/CA) Moe Harukawa
Where else would a girl with the power to translate any tome she sets in her lap reside except a library? Sure, some books may be more dangerous than others, but that’s far from discouragement for a true bibliophile like Kosuzu Motoori! 

Cover Price: $13.00
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.40 (20% OFF)

So I’m a Spider, So What!? GN Vol 1
(W) Okina Baba (A/CA) Asahiro Kakashi
I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye, I woke up in a place I’ve never seen before and-and I was reborn as a spider?! How could something that’s nothing more than a tiny spider (that’s me) possibly survive in literally the worst dungeon ever? Are there no rules? There should be some rules! Who the hell is responsible for this? SHOW YOUR FACE!

Cover Price: $13.00
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.40 (20% OFF)

Your Name Another Side: Earthbound HC Novel
(W) Makoto Shinkai, Arata Kanoh
A spin-off manga of the hit animated film, breaking box office records! Mitsuha is a young girl living in a rural town named Itomori and is fed up with her life. One day, her family and friends notice she’s suddenly acting strange. Little do they know, a high school boy from Tokyo named Taki Tachibana found himself randomly switching places with her when he fell asleep. But he has no clue how to act as a high school girl in an unfamiliar place! This is the story of the hit novel your name. from the perspective of Mitsuha’s friends and family as they deal with her strange new quirks–and avoid disaster.

Cover Price: $20
Pulp Fiction Price: $16 (20% OFF)

Arakawa Under the Bridge GN Vol 1
(W/A/CA) Hikaru Nakamura
Best-selling mangaka Hikaru Nakamura (Saint Young Men) makes her English language debut with this surreal comedy starring a 620-year-old water sprite, a man with a star for a head, a nun, and a samurai who runs a barber shop under Tokyo’s Arakawa Bridge. Ichinomiya Kou has always lived according to the creed of his wealthy, successful family: never be in debt to anyone. But one day, after having his pants stolen and hung on the trusses of the Arakawa Bridge by a pack of rogue kids, his life is saved by a homeless girl named Nino. In order to pay her back, Kou promises to be her boyfriend; and thus begins his new life under the bridge. Part 1 contains volumes 1 and 2 of the Japanese edition.
Cover Price: $17.95
Pulp Fiction Price: $14.36 (20% OFF)


That’s it for this week!

– Ryan