Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 2/24/16

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. Not a ton of new books this week, but there’s still a few things to get excited about. Hellboy continues his early adventures with another 50’s mini-series AND…would you look at that…Karnak #2 came out! On the trade side, we have new entries for Corto Maltese and Snowpiercer for our international aficionados, a little bit of Marvel, a little bit of DC, and the second trade for Rumble, one of my favorite new books from last year. Remember to email in with requests by tomorrow afternoon if you’re a subscriber to have anything set aside.  See you at the bottom…Upcoming Events

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New Comics Highlights

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Superman The Coming of the Supermen #1 Deal of the Week $1.99!

(W/A/CA) Neal Adams
From legendary writer/artist Neal Adams comes a threat so epic it will take more than one Man of Steel to handle it in this new 6-issue miniseries! As Darkseid and the hordes of Apokolips lay waste to the world, even Superman is overwhelmed-but not for long, as three heroes from the miniaturized city of Kandor emerge at full size, armed with all the vast powers of Kal-El, ready to become the new Supermen! This battle of titans also features the machinations of Lex Luthor, plus fan favorites Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane aiding in the fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Cry Havoc #2

(W) Simon Spurrier (A/CA) Ryan Kelly
Gin! Fanatical terrorists! A horny Norse battle-boar! Lou’s descent into weird warfare continues in your new PIG OF THE WEEK.

Dark Knight III Master Race #3

(W) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A) Andy Kubert & Various (CA) Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson
The hardest thing for Batman is to admit his greatest strength: He’s just one man, and sometimes he needs help. With so much at stake, will he turn to help of the Super variety?

Hellboy & BPRD 1953 Beyond the Fences #1

(W) Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson (A) Paolo Rivera, Joe Rivera (CA) Paolo Rivera
A mysterious creature hunts the children of an idyllic suburban town, and the BPRD get more than they bargained for when their investigation begins to seem strangely familiar. iZombie cocreator Chris Roberson joins Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Eisner and Harvey Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera for Hellboy: year two.

Karnak #2

(W) Warren Ellis (A) Gerardo Zaffino (CA) David Aja
• Karnak versus a warehouse full of enemy agents! The agents don’t stand a chance.
•  But the Zen Gunner can turn the air itself into a deadly weapon? Karnak’s in trouble.
X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #1 (of 5)

(W) Max Bemis (A/CA) Michael Walsh
Bailey Hoskins has just discovered he’s a mutant. For someone who’s never been special, never stood out, discovering he’s “gifted” is truly a gift-entry into the halls of Xavier’s School for Gifted Children and into the ranks of the world-famous X-Men! Unfortunately…Bailey might just be the worst X-Man ever. Max Bemis, frontman of the band Say Anything, kicks off his first Marvel miniseries by teaming with stellar artist Michael Walsh (SECRET AVENGERS, HANK JOHNSON) to bring us the story of a misfit among misfits.

Graphic Novel Highlights

All New Captain America TP Vol 1 Hydra Ascendant

(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Stuart Immonen
The spy-fi, high-flying adventures of Sam Wilson – the all-new Captain America – begin here! Hydra has infiltrated society completely. Cap’s new partnership with Nomad is tested as they race to uncover the Sect of the Unknown, but Hydra gathers Steve Rogers’ old rogues’ gallery to take down the new heroes! The all-new Captain America battles Sin and Baron Blood, and uncovers Hydra’s ultimate goal – but is it too late? Millions of innocent souls hang in the balance – but broken and nearly dead from Hydra’s gauntlet, can Cap stop the Great Leveling? In the face of Zemo’s atrocities, Sam Wilson will earn his stripes – make the single greatest sacrifice of his life – and he will never be the same again. The stage is set for the Age of Hydra! Collecting ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-6.

Cover Price: $19.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.99 (40% OFF)

Amulet Vol 7 Firelight

(W/A/CA) Kazu Kibuishi
The unforgettable seventh installment of Kazu Kibuishi’s New York Times-bestselling series! Emily, Trellis, and Vigo visit Algos Island, where they can access and enter lost memories. They’re hoping to uncover the events of Trellis’s mysterious childhood, knowledge they can use against the Elf King. What they discover is a dark secret that changes everything. Meanwhile, the Voice of Emily’s Amulet is getting stronger, and threatens to overtake her completely.

Cover Price: $12.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.39 (20% OFF)

Corto Maltese GN Vol 3

(W/A/CA) Hugo Pratt
Nominated for both the Eisner and Harvey Awards for Best Foreign Language Publication! In this third volume in the definitive English language edition of Hugo Pratt’s masterpiece, the action moves from South America to Europe against the backdrop of the First World War. In these six stories Pratt further explores such complicated themes as patriotism and greed, revolution and opportunism, and betrayal and seduction. Events take Corto from a small island in the Venetian lagoon, where he comes face to face with a beautiful blonde spy, to Stonehenge and an adventure with Merlin, Morgana, and Puck. Along the way he meets Ernest Hemingway and future billionaire Aristotle Onassis, Irish revolutionary Banshee O’Danann, the legendary Red Baron, and an intense cast of characters who weave in and out of a series of labyrinthine plots and counter-plots.

Cover Price: $29.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $23.99 (20% OFF)

Howard the Duck TP Vol 2 Complete Collection

(W/A) Various (CA) Gene Colan
Howard’s greatest enemy, Dr. Bong, has the fuming fowl at his mercy! And Howie’s best gal, Beverly, faces an ultimatum: Marry the villain, or the duck’s goose is cooked! Bing-Bong, the bells are gonna chime! It gets worse still for our feathered friend when he undergoes a monstrous transformation – into Howard the Human! Maybe he and his old pal, Man-Thing, will find some new hope in an oddly familiar galaxy amid a Star Waaugh! Plus: The never anodyne anatine will have his wings full with the Circus of Crime, the moral guardians of S.O.O.F.I. and the soap suds that walk like a man. But as the Final Bong approaches, he’ll find himself strapped in an armor he never made – as the Irascible Iron-Duck! Collecting HOWARD THE DUCK (1976) #17-31 and HOWARD THE DUCK MAGAZINE #1.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $20.99 (40% OFF)

Kaijumax TP Vol 1

(W/A/CA) Zander Cannon
THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE! On a remote island in the South Pacific lies KAIJUMAX, a maximum security prison for giant monsters. Follow doting father Electrogor as he stands up to the cruel space-superhero warden! See corrupt guard Gupta manage his illicit uranium-dealing empire and pay off his gambling debts to the Queen of the Moon! Watch Mecha-Zon battle his own programming when the monster he was created to destroy shows up on the pound! These stories and more will assault you from every angle in the cesspool of corruption that is KAIJUMAX!
Cover Price: $9.99

Pulp Fiction Price: $7.99 (20% OFF)

Kill Your Boyfriend Vinamarama Dlx HC

(W) Grant Morrison (A) Philip Bond, D’Israeli (CA) Philip Bond
Two tales by Grant Morrison are collected in hardcover for the first time. First, a bored schoolgirl joins up with a young rebel intent on tearing down middle-class England. Then, in VINAMARAMA, Ali and his witty, vivacious arranged bride, Sofia, must stop ancient Indian demons from using Britain as a battleground.

Cover Price: $19.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.99 (40% OFF)

Martian Manhunter TP Vol 1 The Epiphany

(W) Rob Williams (A) Eddy Barrows & Various (CA) Eric Canete
THE FIRST COLLECTION OF THE NEW DC SERIES IS HERE! Trust no one as the Martian Manhunter tries to stop ruthless alien terrorists from destroying our world! But to stop the Martian invasion of Earth, J’onn J’onzz must make the ultimate sacrifice. And when the Martian moon Phobos falls into Earth’s orbit, the invasion kicks into high gear! Guest-starring Superman-who demands to know what J’onn J’onnz knew about the Martians’ terrible plans for Earth. Collects the first six issues of the new series, plus the Sneak Peek story from CONVERGENCE: ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #2.

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $8.99 (40% OFF)

Rumble TP Vol 2 A Woe That Is Madness

(W) John Arcudi (A/CA) James Harren
The second volume of RUMBLE delves deeper into the past and present of Rathraq, Scarecrow Warrior God, as writer JOHN ARCUDI (B.P.R.D., A God Somewhere) and artist JAMES HARREN (Conan, Deadpool) keep the weirdness and the action at a high level.  An expanded sketchbook section and pin-ups by the best talents in comics round out a killer book! “Thanks for… RUMBLE. I like it a lot. In fact I wish it were my project.”-RICHARD CORBEN. Collects RUMBLE #6-10.

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.89 (30% OFF)

Snowpiercer Vol 3 HC Terminus

(W) Olivier Bocquet (A/CA) Jean-Marc Rochette
A scrap of haunting music has drawn the last train across the frozen sea. With supplies almost exhausted and the train on the brink of collapse, they have nothing to lose. As the rising temperature inside the train reaches boiling point, there may be one last chance at a future!

Cover Price: $29.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $23.99 (20% OFF)

That’s it for this week!