Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 3/29/17

On a personal note, for those LB customers that know me, my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is officially in remission and I will be returning to the store full time starting next week.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up on comics talk from the past 10 months.  Corollary to that, I am celebrating my remission and my band’s 10th Anniversary at the new House of Blues Anaheim on April 22nd.  The link for the info is below and, in case I forgot to mention before, most of our music is free to check out on our website.  Thanks and see you at the bottom!

Is everyone ready for Wondercon this weekend?  It’s always one of my favorite conventions of the year so I highly recommend attending.  It’s an exciting week for graphic novels as we get new TP Volumes of Invincible and Saga, the first volume of Black Hammer, and the complete HC collection of Velvet (an amazing and, I think, underrated series from Brubaker and Epting)!
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Upcoming Events

Wonder Con Anaheim

Friday March 31-Sunday April 2

New Comics Highlights

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X-Men Prime #1

(W) Marc Guggenheim, Cullen Bunn, Greg Pak (A) Ken Lashlsey, Leonard Kirk, and More

In the wake of their war with the Inhumans, the X-MEN are at a crossroads. Where do they go from here? Luckily, one beloved X-Men has the answer to that question: Xavier’s dream comes full circle as KITTY PRYDE returns to the X-Men, ready to lead them in their mission to protect a world that hates and fears them. The next chapter of the X-Men’s saga starts here!


Inhumans Prime #1

(W) Al Ewing (A) Ryan Sook

In the wake of the awesome events of IVX – what will become of the Inhumans? In this oversized special issue – the trial of Maximus! The coming of Marvel Boy! And what is the dark secret of Black Bolt? A special bridging issue between the past of the Inhumans and their future – on Earth and in the stars!


Dark Knight III The Master Race #8 
(W) Brian Azzarello, Frank Miller (A) Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson

Baal’s Kryptonian army has invaded Themyscira. Wonder Woman and the Amazons will show them why that was a deadly mistake.
Graphic Novel Highlights

Dark Horse Number Ones TP
(W) Various (A) Various
Dark Horse’s top talent invite you to find your next binge read! This anthology includes Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s The Umbrella Academy #1, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in Hell #1, Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich’s Lady Killer #1, Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer #1, Matt and Sharlene Kindt’s Dept. H #1, Brian Wood and Mack Chater’s Briggs Land #1, Kurtis Wiebe and Mindy Lee’s Bounty #1, and Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook’s Harrow County #1.
Cover Price: $6.00
Pulp Fiction Price: $2.99 (50% OFF)

Saga Vol 07 TP
(W) Brian K. Vaughn (A) Fiona Staples
From the worldwide bestselling team of FIONA STAPLES and BRIAN K. VAUGHAN, “The War for Phang” is an epic, self-contained SAGA event! Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. New friendships are forged and others are lost forever in this action-packed volume about families, combat, and the refugee experience. Collects SAGA #37-42.
Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% OFF)

Invincible Vol 23 Full House TP

(W) Robert Kirkman (A) Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley
Mark has returned from the past…to a very different future. Now he has to pick up the pieces of his life and try to put them back together. INVINCIBLE co-creator CORY WALKER returns to the book to set the stage for the next chapter of Invincible’s life! Collects INVINCIBLE #127-132

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.89 (30% OFF)

Black Hammer Vol 01 Secret Origins TP

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Dean Ormston
Once they were heroes. Now, banished from existence by a multiversal crisis, the old champions of Spiral City lead simple lives in a timeless farming town. But as they attempt to free themselves from this strange purgatory, a mysterious stranger works to bring them back into action for one last adventure! Collects issues #1-6 of the series.

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% OFF)

Velvet Deluxe Edition HC

(W) Ed Brubaker (A) Steve Epting
From the creators of Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes VELVET, a slick and sexy new take on the Cold War spy genre. What if the secretary to the man running the world’s most top secret spy agency was actually their most dangerous weapon, once upon a time? VELVET is groundbreaking new work from one of the bestselling teams in comics, and now Velvet Templeton’s first major storyline is collected in one oversized deluxe hardback with behind-the-scenes extras and articles. A must-have for any BRUBAKER & EPTING fan. Collects VELVET #1-15.

Cover Price: $49.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $34.99 (30% OFF)

Manga Highlights

With the manga and anime Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo changed art and pop culture worldwide. Now some of the most admired illustrators and comics artists in the world have come together to pay tribute to this master, in a beautiful tribute art book.This 168-page collection began life as a limited-edition tribute to Otomo given only to attendees of the prestigious Angouleme International Comics Festival, where Otomo was recipient of the Grand Prize in 2015. Now it’s available to readers and collectors around the world, with additional content from a list of more than 80 fine artists, illustrators, and comics legends, including Stan Sakai, Jiro Taniguchi, Tomer and Asaf Hanuka, and many others. In full color at a large size.

Cover Price: $29.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $23.99 (20% OFF)

That’s it for this week!