Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 4/25/18

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Wow Action #1000 just flew! If you missed it, we are going to have more copies on May 2nd. This week we’re getting more copies of Mighty Morphin power Rangers #25. I have no idea why it’s a big deal, but Ranger heads are excited!

The big book this week is The Hunt for Wolverine. The hunt begins in this week’s one-shot then spins out into four separate mini-series.You know what? I kind of miss the Ol’ Canucklehead! This week is also means we’re only a few more days away from Alien Day. So that means another creator-driven mini-series by a celebrated artist, in this case Aliens Dust to Dust by Gabriel Hardman. It also means it’s time for me to plug a video! Check out my somewhat NSFW review of Aliens Dead Orbit which just came out in trade paperback a couple weeks ago.

What else? Marvel series The Mighty Thor and Avengers No Surrender are bringing their respective story lines in for a landing this week and the ultra popular Thanos title gets its annual, starring the COOOOOSMIC GHOST RIDER! See you at the bottom…


Free Comic Book Day!
Sat May 5 10am to 7pm
Pulp Fiction will be giving away a large assortment of comic books featuring all your favorite characters absolutely FREE to anyone visiting us on this special day! Help the Food Bank and get more FREE comics Pulp Fiction is teaming with the Los Angeles Food Bank (www.lafoodbank.org) on Free Comic Book Day to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Bring non-perishable food items or make a cash donation to the Food Bank and you will get rewarded with extra FCBD comics and other surprises!!!

Getting Into Comics with Jim Higgins
Sun May 13 at the Culver Store
In this one-day workshop, you’ll get information on submitting, how to prepare samples, and how to put together a pitch for a series or graphic novel. There will be an overview of various publishers, both those who cater to the comic book store market, and those who sell mostly in book stores. Click here for more info.

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April 25th
Avengers #684
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 (2nd)
Thanos #17

May 2nd
Vampironica #1
Action #1000


New & Noteworthy Comics 

Click here for a full list of all of the week’s new releases.

Hunt For Wolverine

(W) Charles Soule (A) David Marquez, Paulo Siqueira (CA) Steve McNiven
The RETURN OF WOLVERINE begins here, providing the first piece of a mystery that will leave no corner of the Marvel Universe untouched. Just as the X-Men have finally come to terms with Logan’s death, they learn a terrible secret. Old wounds will be re-opened, truths questioned, and an epic quest begun. The earliest clues to the mystery of Wolverine’s return are laid down here… who will solve it first?

Aliens Dust to Dust #1

The Trono colony on LV-871 is under attack. Emergency evacuations are ordered. Evac shuttles are taking off. All twelve-year-old Maxon and his mom have to do is make it to the spaceport. Except between them and it are . . . Aliens! A terrifying coming-of-age story by master storyteller Gabriel Hardman.
o Gabriel Hardman storyboarded the films Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Logan, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, and many others!
o A reexamination of why we fear the Aliens!
o On sale in time for Alien Day (4/26)!

Black AF Widows and Orphans #1

(W) Kwanza Osajyefo (A) Tim Smith
In a world where only black people have superpowers, what price do they fetch on the black market?  From the pages of BLACK, this new story features Anansi and Hoodrat investigating a human trafficking ring that will take them across the globe and bring them face-to-face with dark pasts of abuse, child soldiers, and families torn apart.

The Prisoner #1

(W) Peter Milligan (A) Colin Lorimer (CA) Michael Allred
The cult TV series comes to life in a brand new comic series by writer Peter Milligan and artist Colin Lorimer! Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first US transmission, this new series transports readers back to the mysterious village where everyone is a number!


The Mighty Thor #706

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Russell Dauterman
•  The battle against the Mangog is finished. And the losses have been profound.
•  So what – if anything – remains of the story of Jane Foster, Goddess of Thunder?
•  And where do the other gods possibly go from here?


Thanos Annual #1

(W) Donny Cates, Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing, Ryan North, Christopher Hastings, Katie Cook (A) Katie Cook, Frazer Irving, Andre Araujo, Will Robson, Flaviano Armentaro (A/CA) Geoff Shaw
Thanos is likely the most evil being in the universe…and if anyone would know, it’s the all-new Cosmic Ghost Rider. Let the spirit of vengeance be your guide on a tour through the worst of the worst, as he reveals the most heinous deeds ever perpetrated by the Mad Titan…or by anyone else!

Avengers #690

(W) Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub (A) Pepe Larraz (CA) Mark Brooks
The battle is over, and those left standing in the rubble have to find a way to move forward. As an era of the Avengers comes to a close, what will rise to take its place?


Graphic Novel Highlights

Batman Rebirth Vol 5 The Rules of Engagement

(W) Tom King (A) Clay Mann, Lee Weeks, Michael Lark (A/CA) Jo?lle Jones
Following Catwoman’s answer to his marriage proposal, Batman leaves Gotham City on a quest of renewal and redemption in the desert. As he travels and fights, he encounters members of his family-each disturbed by Batman’s journey, each ready to stand in his way and push back against his stubborn determination to evolve into something better than a superhero. Has the Caped Crusader passed the point of no return? He’s going to need a little help from his friends, but this help comes with a downside: Batman’s true intentions will be exposed. Collects BATMAN #33-37 and BATMAN ANNUAL #2.

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price:$11.89 (30% OFF)

Bug The Adventures of Forager TP

(W) Lee Allred, Michael Allred (A/CA) Michael Allred
Forager is just one of the Hive before he breaks out of his cocoon and finds himself in a mysterious house in an unknown realm, where he meets a ghostly girl, a talking teddy bear and otherworldly weirdos. Worst of all is General Electric, who is on the hunt for a reality-bending metal that could alter the fabric of life itself. To preserve the Multiverse, Forager must travel through alternate dimensions to seek the metal before it gets into the wrong hands! Collects issues #1-6

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.89 (30% OFF)


Carnage Omnibus HC

The psychopathic symbiote steals the spotlight! Cletus Kasady takes his killing spree on the road – including bloody showdowns with his “daddy” Venom, his “son” Toxin, and Deadpool! The Avengers attempt to spare the American heartland from Kasady, but who will save the Microverse? How about Scarlet Spider and a new Venom, Flash Thompson? Then, the Wizard makes Carnage superior, and Axis makes him…a hero?! And Kasady leads the FBI, Man-Wolf and Eddie Brock on a monstrous chase around the globe…but can they stop him from raising the elder god Chthon? Collecting VENOM VS. CARNAGE #1-4, CARNAGE (2010) #1-5, CARNAGE U.S.A. #1-5, MINIMUM CARNAGE: ALPHA and OMEGA, SCARLET SPIDER (2012) #10-11, VENOM (2011) #26-27, SUPERIOR CARNAGE #1-5 and ANNUAL #1, DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE #1-4, AXIS: CARNAGE #1-3, NOVA (2013) #26-27, CARNAGE (2015) #1-16 and material from ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT POINT ONE.

Cover Price: $125
Pulp Fiction Price: $87.50 (30% OFF)


Absolute Preacher HC Vol 3

(W) Garth Ennis (A/CA) Goran Parlov

Before the Punisher was born in Vietnam, Frank Castle had already become a dark legend of the battlefield. Stories about him were told in whispers, if at all. Now the legendary creative team of Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov brings the first of those stories to light: the tale of Frank Castle’s first command, and his first kill. During the Tet Offensive, death surrounded Lt. Castle’s platoon on all sides. How far would Frank go to protect his men? Especially when the danger came from the indifference of his commanders? And while Castle was engaged in the grind of war, a kindred spirit on the enemy’s side watched…and waited. It’s a seemingly hopeless mission. It’s Lt. Castle’s first platoon. It’s the answer to the question: What made the Punisher? Collecting PUNISHER: THE PLATOON #1-6.

Cover Price: $150
Pulp Fiction Price: $105 (30% OFF)


Flash Rebirth Rebirth Dlx HC Book 2

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Carmine Di Giandomenico, Howard Porter, Jesus Merino, Neil Googe, Davide Gianfelice, Andy Owens, Pop Mhan, Ryan Sook, Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy (CA) Jason Fabok
The Rogues have sprung a deadly cat-and-mouse game that will have the Fastest Man Alive on the run across the globe! Is the Scarlet Speedster fast enough to stop five diabolical crimes? Then, the aftermath of “THE BUTTON” has left Barry Allen at a crossroads. Can he mend his relationship with Kid Flash? Green Lantern Hal Jordan offers some advice, but the Flash doesn’t have time to make a decision, thanks to the return of the Reverse-Flash! Collects issues #14-27.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $24.49 (30% OFF)


Heavy Vinyl TP

(W) Carly Usdin (A/CA) Nina Vakueva
Film and TV director Carly Usdin (Suicide Kale) teams up with breakout artist Nina Vakueva (Lilith’s Word) for a new series that’s music to our ears! New Jersey, 1998. Chris has just started the teen dream job: working at Vinyl Mayhem, the local record store. She’s prepared to deal with anything – misogynistic metalheads, grunge wannabes, even a crush on her wicked cute co-worker, Maggie. But when the staff’s favorite singer mysteriously vanishes the night before her band’s show in town, Chris finds out her co-workers are doing more than just sorting vinyl… her local indie record store is also a front for a teen girl vigilante fight club! Collects the complete limited series.

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% OFF)


Lazarus Sourcebook TP Vol 1

(W) Greg Rucka, Neal Bailey, David Brothers, Robert Mackenzie, Dave Walker, Eric Trautmann, Gareth-Michael Skarka (A) Michael Lark, Owen Freeman, Bilquis Evely, Tristan Jones (CA) Eric Trautmann
Collecting the first three LAZARUS SOURCEBOOKS, covering the lands ruled by Carlyle, Hock, and Vassalovka, now in one volume. With revised and expanded content, including additions to reflect developments in LAZARUS as the series moves into the year X+67 with “FRACTURE,” beginning summer of 2018.

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.89 (30% OFF)


Shadow Batman HC

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Giovanni Timpano (CA) Alex Ross
The World’s Greatest Mystery. The World’s Greatest Detective. They can barely stand each other, so how will they possibly deal with the World’s Greatest Evil? What legacy can two of the world’s most enduring icons of justice leave once they discover an ancient evil has been living inside the world they protect for centuries. Can Batman and the Shadow save the world without destroying it in the process? Writer Steve Orlando (Batman/The ShadowJustice League of America) and artist by Giovanni Timpano (The ShadowTransformers) unite to tell an instantly classic tale of noir, mortality and generational heroes and villains.

Cover Price: $24.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $17.49 (30% OFF)


Star Wars Darth Vader TP Vol 2 Legacy’s End

(W) Charles Soule (A/CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
Jocasta Nu, the Jedi Temple librarian, is making a desperate effort to gather and preserve whatever she can of the Jedi legacy after the purge. Vader and the Grand Inquisitor cannot let her succeed. They are sent after Jocasta by Palpatine, who views her as a particular threat – for her knowledge makes her almost a one-woman Jedi Order, and that must be stopped. So why has the Emperor commanded Vader to keep Jocasta alive? And what secret information will she risk everything to protect? Meanwhile, Vader discovers that an expensive bounty has been placed on his head! Who would dare try to challenge the Dark Lord’s place in the Empire? Darth Vader’s story continues! Collecting DARTH VADER (2017) #7-12.

Cover Price: $17.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $12.59 (30% OFF)

That’s it for this week!

– Ryan