Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 5/20

Ok, so not that comic book-related, but…GO SEE MAD MAX FURY ROAD! Believe all the hype, go see it, and tell all your friends because I need more of these babies! Now that that’s out of my system (except if I’m being honest it will never be out of system), let’s move onto business for the week.

This Wednesday, we have another round of indy deal of the week books at $1.99 and we also have the first round of half-off Secret Wars event titles. If the subscribers are any indication, the hot books are A-Force, Deadpool’s Secret Wars, Spider-Verse, and Battleworld. We’ll have them all here at half-off the cover price (variants not included). There’s also a Mad Max prequel comic from the artists of DMZ and Punisher MAX for the already initiated AND the next issue of Trees. Now, if you jumped off reading Trees monthly, I can’t blame you because I waited for the first trade also. That being said, the first volume of Trees is one of the best things I read this year and I’m definitely jumping back on this week.

On the events side of things, we have a couple of creator signings coming up. First up is Brian Buccellato who you may know from his work on the New 52 Flash series and the current Detective series, the first collection of which is out this week actually. He’ll be here promoting his new Image book, Sons of the Devil.  The week after that, we’ll be hosting Jim Krueger, author of best-selling series like Justice, Earth X, and Avengers/Invaders. Check below for more details about when and where you can meet these fine gentlemen. See you at the bottom…


Upcoming Events

Creator Appearance – Brian Buccellato 
Wednesday, May 27th
11 AM – 1 PM at Culver City Location

Visit the Culver City location on Wednesday, May 17th to meet Brian Buccellato, writer of the best-selling New 52 Flash series and the current writer of Detective. Brian will be here promoting his new Image book, Sons of the Devil.

Page Turners Graphic Novel Reading Club

Sunday, May 31st
4 PM at Culver City Location

Theme for May is “Female Led Titles”. Whose your favorite leading lady? Is she a super hero like Captain Marvel? A rogue like Harley Quinn? Or a good old-fashioned housewife/contract killer like Josie Schuller? Whoever she is, we want to hear all about her and why she speaks to you! Click here for more details.

Here are some examples to help get you started:

  • Captain Marvel (2014)
  • Batgirl (2011)
  • The Wicked + The Divine
  • Bitch Planet

Creator Appearance – Jim Krueger
Wednesday, June 3rd
11 AM at Culver City Location

Come meet the best-selling writer of Justice, Earth X, Avengers/Invaders, and Project Superpowers

For the month of May, both Pulp Fiction locations will sell all Secret Wars Marvel event titles for 50% off the cover price. The sale does not apply to variants or other Secret Wars merchandise such as graphic novels. The sale does not extend past the end of May. Click here for the May Secret Wars solicits.


DC is dropping a lot of new books in June. Both Pulp Fiction locations will sell them at 50% off the cover price. The sale is for the new #1’s and does not apply to other books released by DC that month. The sale does not apply to variants. The sale does not extend past the end of June. Click here for a look at what new books DC is launching in June.


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New Releases for 5/20/15

Cick here for a full list of all of this week’s new releases.

New Comics Highlights

Valhalla Mad #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Joe Casey (A/CA) Paul Maybury
Their names are legend: the Glorious Knox! Greghorn the Battlebjörn! Jhago the Irritator! Three warrior gods vacationing on Earth, just looking to get their drink on and have a good time! Join the drunken festivities with toastmasters JOE CASEY (SEX) and PAUL MAYBURY (SOVEREIGN). The new mythology begins now!
Preview here.

Insufferable #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Mark Waid (A/CA) Peter Krause
What happens when your crime-fighting sidekick grows up to be an arrogant, ungrateful douchebag who makes Kanye look humble? Worse, what on Earth could force the two of you together for one last case? Nocturnus and his former protege, Galahad, will find out-if they don’t kill one another first.

Oh Killstrike #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Max Bemis (A/CA) Logan Faerber
Jared, a new father, fears parenthood. An old comics fan, he turns to them for comfort. But when he unwittingly lets loose his favorite character, Killstrike – a singleminded, vengeance loving anti-hero – onto the world, Jared must find a way to send him back before he harms all the people he loves the most. But before that happens, Killstrike leads Jared on a quest of self-discovery to make him realize the kid who loved this character is not the man he has become.
Preview here

Secret Wars Battleworld #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Joshua Williamson, Ed Brisson (A) Mike Henderson, Scott Hepburn (CA) Paco Medina
• When the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe collide, there is only… Battleworld!
•  Featuring the fights, battles and blow-ups that are just TOO BIG for Secret Wars!
•  When a Dr. Strange-possessed Punisher goes on the run, only Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider can track him down!
•  Question: What happens when M.O.D.O.K. recruits every single M.O.D.O.K. ever for his evil schemes? Answer: M.O.D.O.K. M.A.D.N.E.S.S.!

A-Force #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) C. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett (A) Jorge Molina (CA) Jim Cheung
• Marvel’s Mightiest Women finally get their own explosive series!
•  In a secluded corner of the Battleworld, an island nation is fiercely protected by a team of Avengers the likes of which has only ever been glimpsed before…
•  Fighting to protect the small sliver of their world that’s left, the Amazing A-FORCE stands shoulder-to-shoulder, ready to take on the horde!

Deadpool’s Secret Wars #1 Deal of the Week $2.50

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Matteo Lolli, Jacopo Camagni (CA) Tony Harris
•  Well…it is…but not THAT Secret Wars.
•  Remember the original Secret Wars from 1984? And remember how Deadpool played a huge important role in it? Wait…you DON’T? Then you need to read this series immediately and be educated! From the team that brought you DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED comes the most Secretest War of all!
•  Plus: a bonus Deadpool Contest of Champions tale!

Master of Kung Fu #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Haden Blackman (A) Dalibor Talajic (CA) Francesco Francavilla
• Welcome to the mystical land of K’UN LUN, where the study of martial arts reigns supreme!
•  In a world where everyone is well-trained in at least some form of deadly combat, what becomes of a drunken, drop-out failure?
•  If anyone speaks out against Emperor Zu, the price is their head! Good thing Shang-Chi’s a man of discretion and…oh, who are we kidding. This is going to get nasty.

Planet Hulk #1 Deal of the Week $2.50

(W) Sam Humphries, Greg Pak (A) Marc Laming, Takeshi Miyagawa (CA) Mike Del Mundo
• A forbidden zone of wild HULKS
•  A battle-worn gladiator named STEVE ROGERS
•  A journey that could break the spirit of a world’s greatest freedom fighter.
•  PLUS: A back up story by a surprise creative team!

Spider-Verse #1 Deal of the Week $2.50

(W) Mike Costa (A) Andre Arujo (CA) Nick Bradshaw
Spinning out of the SPIDER-VERSE event, a team of Spiders finds themselves face-to-face with Battleworld! Starring SPIDER-GWEN, SPIDER-MAN NOIR, SPIDER-MAN: INDIA, MAYDAY PARKER, SPIDER-UK and SPIDER-HAM!

Ultimate End #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Mark Bagley
• MILES MORALES and the rest of the heroes of the ULTIMATE U face final extinction
•  As the end of their world becomes inevitable, will the heroes’ heartbreaking sacrifices make any difference?
•  The dramatic end of an era begins here!

Mad Max Fury Road Nux & Immortan Joe #1

(W) George Miller & Various (A) Riccardo Burchielli, Leandro Fernandez (CA) Tommy Lee Edwards
In a fallen world ravaged by oil and water wars, humanity exists without law or mercy. All those who wander the Wasteland are ruled by a single imperative…survive! Among them is Max Rockatansky, a Road Warrior haunted by his turbulent past…”It’s hard to know who is more crazy. Me or everyone else?!” In this first issue, witness the rise of Colonel Joe Moore, a war hero turned tyrannical warlord…The Immortan Joe! And don’t miss the story of Nux, one of the Immortal’s “War Boys,” who knows only the chaos into which he was born. From the mind of George Miller, the creator of the Mad Max trilogy, comes a brand new epic tale that serves as a prelude to the upcoming film, Mad Max: Fury Road!

Donald Duck #1

(W/A) Romano Scarpa & Various (CA) Jan-Roman Pikula
In “Shellfish Motives,” Donald wants to be a crimebustin’ ace reporter-but can he save Uncle Scrooge’s top-secret scientist from the mob?

Trees #9

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jason Howard
Beginning the second TREES story, “Two Forests.” The Orkney Tree, set among the standing stones of that remote island, seems almost like it was always meant to be there. But, following the events in Svalbard, it could be nothing but a vast unexploded bomb. Across the Atlantic, there is a new mayor in New York City, who grew up under the shadow of the Manhattan Tree. And he might be the bigger threat.
Read the first 8 issues in Trees TP Vol 1 for $10.49!

Kaptara #2

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Kagan McLeod
Heroes for the ages! As they set out to save Earth, our hero Keith Kanga retires to a life of luxury on Kaptara! But can he resist the siren song of guilt? A perfect jumping-on point for people who’ve read issue one!

Archie vs Predator #2

(W) Alex De Campi (A) Rich Koslowski, Fernando Ruiz (CA) Dan Parent
Archie and the gang head back to Riverdale, but the vicious extraterrestrial Predator is in hot pursuit! When the kids determine that Betty and Veronica are the targets, they devise a secret weapon-Jughead in drag!

The Tithe #2

(W) Matt Hawkins (A/CA) Rahsan Ekedal
Another mega-church is robbed despite the FBI’s surveillance. Tension ratchets up as a member of Samaritan’s “heist” team is killed and the “Robin Hood” act isn’t quite as fun as they thought.

Graphic Novels Highlights

Velvet TP Vol 2 The Secret Lives of Dead Men

(W) Ed Brubaker (A/CA) Steve Epting
The white-hot spy series from the creators of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is back! Everything Velvet Templeton ever believed about the worst night of her life has turned out to be a lie, and now she’s coming back to London, taking the hunt back to the hunters, to find the truth or die trying. Don’t miss the second volume in the adventures of comics’ favorite new super-spy. Collects VELVET #6-10

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

Secret Warriors Complete Collection TP Vol 1
(W) Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis (A) Various (CA) Jim Cheung

Nick Fury, former director of the now-defunct S.H.I.E.L.D, has gathered a special handpicked team. Young and untested, the Secret Warriors are the offspring of the most powerful forces on Earth – and with Fury’s guidance, they might just have what it takes to save the world. But their mission is upended when Fury uncovers a bombshell Hydra conspiracy that reaches back for decades to the very beginnings of S.H.I.E.L.D.! As the Howling Commandoes reunite, and the Secret Warriors face Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts, the Leviathan stirs in the darkness, preparing to take on Hydra! The only group that can stop either of these world-conquering organizations is Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors. But are these young soldiers unraveling under the pressure? Collecting SECRET WARRIORS #1-16, DARK REIGN: THE LIST – SECRET WARRIORS #1 and material from DARK REIGN: NEW NATION #1.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $20.99 (40% off)

Batman Detectice Comics HC Vol 6 Icarus

(W) Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato (A) Francis Manapul & Various (CA) Francis Manapul
It’s a bold new direction for DETECTIVE COMICS as THE FLASH creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato take over the creative reins! Batman finds himself knee-deep in a new mystery involving a deadly new narcotic that has hit the streets of Gotham City. Can the Dark Knight stop the threat before the entire town finds itself embroiled in a deadly gang war that could burn everything – and everyone – down to the ground? Collects issues #30-34 and DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #3.

Cover Price: $24.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $14.99 (40% off)

Grendel vs Shadow HC

(W/A) Matt Wagner (CA) Matt Wagner, Brennan Wagner
Sparks fly and bullets blaze when the original Grendel, Hunter Rose, is transported to 1930s New York and faces off with the original dark-night avenger, the Shadow! Two pulp-noir icons go head to head in a thrilling story written and drawn by legendary Grendel creator Matt Wagner. Collects the three-issue miniseries.
Cover Price: $19.99

Pulp Fiction Price: $15.99 (20% off)

Graveyard Shift TP

(W) Jay Faerber (A/CA) Fran Bueno

Reunited after their memorable run on NOBLE CAUSES, JAY FAERBER and FRAN BUENO bring you a new tale of crime, horror, and romance! It’s Fright Night-style thrills and Castle-style crime-solving as a homicide detective and his girlfriend find their love put to the ultimate test when they run afoul of a gang of vampires!

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.19 (30% off)

Green Lantern HC Vol 6 The Life Equation

(W/A/CA) Andrew MacLean
Alone at the end of the world, Aria is a woman with a mission! As she traipses through an overgrown city with a cat named Jelly Beans, Aria is on a fruitless search for an ancient relic with immeasurable power. But when a creepy savage sets her on a path to complete her quest, she’ll face death in the hopes of claiming her prize.

Cover Price: $9.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $7.99 (30% off)

That’s it for this week!