Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 5/27

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have a few things to go over for this week, so let’s get started. First off, we will be hosting Brian Buccellato at our Culver City store this Wednesday morning/early afternoon to launch his new Image comic, Sons of the Devil. We’ll also have Sons of the Devil as one of our Deals of the Week at $1.99. You can check outan interview Brian did with Bleeding Cool about Sons of the Devil here, and check out a preview here. Also, this is the last week that Secret Wars event comics will be half off so don’t miss out! Check below for the new series coming out this week. Finally, those of you that are variant collectors may want to scroll down to just below this week’s new comic releases to see a price list of this week’s new variants. We are playing with different ways to keep you guys and gals informed and hopefully will come up with something effective and efficient soon. Please feel free to give us feedback. And don’t forget that if you’re a subscriber, you can respond to these emails if you want anything put aside for you.  See you at the bottom…


Upcoming Events

Creator Appearance – Brian Buccellato 
Wednesday, May 27th
11 AM – 1 PM at Culver City Location

Visit the Culver City location on Wednesday, May 27th to meet Brian Buccellato, writer of the best-selling New 52 Flash series and the current writer of Detective. Brian will be here promoting his new Image book, Sons of the Devil.

Page Turners Graphic Novel Reading Club

Sunday, May 31st
4 PM at Culver City Location

Theme for May is “Female Led Titles”. Whose your favorite leading lady? Is she a super hero like Captain Marvel? A rogue like Harley Quinn? Or a good old-fashioned housewife/contract killer like Josie Schuller? Whoever she is, we want to hear all about her and why she speaks to you! Click here for more details.

Here are some examples to help get you started:

  • Captain Marvel (2014)
  • Batgirl (2011)
  • The Wicked + The Divine
  • Bitch Planet

Creator Appearance – Jim Krueger
Wednesday, June 3rd
11 AM at Culver City Location

Come meet the best-selling writer of Justice, Earth X, Avengers/Invaders, and Project Superpowers

For the month of May, both Pulp Fiction locations will sell all Secret Wars Marvel event titles for 50% off the cover price. The sale does not apply to variants or other Secret Wars merchandise such as graphic novels. The sale does not extend past the end of May. Click here for the May Secret Wars solicits.


DC is dropping a lot of new books in June. Both Pulp Fiction locations will sell them at 50% off the cover price. The sale is for the new #1’s and does not apply to other books released by DC that month. The sale does not apply to variants. The sale does not extend past the end of June. Click here for a look at what new books DC is launching in June.


Back in Stock

New Releases 5/27/15

Cick here for a full list of all of this week’s new releases.

New Comics Highlights

Sons of the Devil #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Brian Buccellato (A/CA) Toni Infante
From New York Times Best Selling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO and artist TONI INFANTE comes a psychological horror story about TRAVIS, an average guy trying to get by, who discovers that he has familial ties to a deadly cult. Told across three decades, SONS OF THE DEVIL is an exploration of cults, family, and the dark side of human nature. It’s TRUE DETECTIVE and ORPHAN BLACK meets HELTER SKELTER.
Preview here.

Material #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Alex Kot (A) Will Tempest (CA) Tom Muller
A man comes home from Guantanamo Bay, irrevocably changed.
An actress receives an offer that can revive her career.
A boy survives a riot and becomes embedded within a revolutionary movement.
A philosopher is contacted by a being that dismantles his beliefs.
Look around you. Everything is material.
Preview here

Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Gerry Duggan, Dustin Weaver (A/CA) Dustin Weaver
Think your life is hard? Anwen Bakian’s family lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, scrounging for food and avoiding giant bugs intent on eating them. Mom left years ago to join the Nova force and never came back. So it’s just Anwen, her dad, her sister and her grandpa against the huge insects. That is, until she finds a mysterious stone that may or may not hold incredible cosmic power. Don’t miss this incredible new series by DEADPOOL writer Gerry Duggan and EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE writer/artist Dustin Weaver that will set the cosmic table for the Marvel Universe for years to come!

Secret Wars Old Man Logan #1 Deal of the Month $2.50

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Andrea Sorrentino
Enter the Wastelands…a realm where all heroes have been murdered by their arch-enemies, villains who now rule over the land with an iron fist. In the midst of this dystopian chaos, one man may make a difference…a reluctant warrior who was once the greatest mutant of all…a man known as OLD MAN LOGAN.

Secret Wars Modok Assissn #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Christopher Yost (A) Amilcar Pinna (CA) David Lafuente
• In a world populated by the most fearsome thieves, murderers and ne’er-do-wells, there is one who is a HEAD above the rest…
•  Enter, M.O.D.O.K.: The Mental Organism Designed Only for KILLING!
•  Killville’s very own Merc with a Maw is open for business! But his next job may be biting off more than he can chew…

Secret Wars Inferno #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Dennis Hopeless (A/CA) Javi Garron
• Spinning out of the universe-shattering events of Secret Wars comes a new twist on the X-Men classic that’s a whole hell of a lot hotter than you remember.
•  5 years ago a band of demons rose up out of the fiery depths and turned Manhattan into Hell on Earth. The X-Men fought to vanquish the demon horde and… The X-Men failed.
•  Welcome back to the Inferno.
•  On this the fifth anniversary of Manhattan’s fall, Piotr Rasputin is leading a small band of mutants back into the Inferno. Colossus doesn’t know what they’ll find on the other side of those flames but he knows for certain… They’re not coming back without his sister.

Secret Wars Inhumans Attilan Rising #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Charles Soule (A) John Timms (CA) Dave Johnson
• There is a rebellion brewing on Battleworld and it stretches far and wide into every domain. Medusa, ruler of Attilan, is tasked with uncovering the leader of this uprising and scuttling it with extreme prejudice. When she discovers the leader of this rebellion is Black Bolt, however, things get complicated.

Secret Wars Journal #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Prudence Shen, Michael Rosenberg (A) Ramon Bachs, Luca Pizzari (CA) Kevin Wada
• Is LADY KATE of 1602 the nefarious HAWKEYE BANDIT who robs from the rich and gives to the poor?
•  Can an enslaved band of MUTANTS in EGYPTIA overthrow their overlord, KHONSHU?
•  Can YOU afford not to read the coolest, hippest, most continuity-important book in all of SECRET WARS??? Because this is TOTALLY THAT BOOK. But don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little Secret…Wars Journal.

Secret Wars 2099 #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Peter David (A) Will Sliney (CA) Dave Rapoza
When everything ends, it’s time to go back to the future. Revisit the world of 2099 and see it a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances – including the AVENGERS 2099. Can the ideal of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where mega-corporations rule with an iron fist?

Secret Warriors Where Monsters Dwell #1 Deal of the Month $1.99

(W) Garth Ennis (A) Russell Braun (CA) Frank Cho
GARTH ENNIS returns to Marvel Comics proper and he’s bringing his The Boys collaborator Russ Braun along with him! Fighter planes and dinosaurs collide in this raucous tale that starts with the classic Marvel character Phantom Eagle and digs much deeper!
Fight Club 2 #1

(W) Chuck Palahniuk (A) Cameron Stewart (CA) David Mack
Some imaginary friends never go away . . .
Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife, pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long; the wife has seen to that. The time has come . . .

Infinite Loop #2

(W) Pierrick Colinet (A/CA) Elsa Charretier
As Teddy hides The Girl Anomaly in her old apartment, the two girls get to know each other, and get closer. Until they learn that Teddy’s superiors sent special Unit 70 to hunt them down…. will they escape in time?

Pisces #2

(W) Kurtis J. Wiebe (A/CA) Johnnie Christmas
With the Vietnam War a few years gone, Dillon finds difficulty adjusting to civilian life. His hope dwindles while living with an abusive father and working a night shift at a local office,  but the creeping dread rises when the dark begins to speak in the voice of friend long dead.

Ragnarok #5

(W/A/CA) Walter Simonson
Thor goes in search of the Well of Mimir, the Well of Knowledge, a quest fraught with danger in the penultimate issue of this first arc!This Week’s Variants

Convergence #8    1:25 Thompson variant        $9.99
Convergence #8    1:100    Superman sketch variant      
Fight Club 2 #1        RARE Bermejo variant      
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #46    1:20    variant        
Uncanny Avengers Ultron #1    1:25    movie connecting covers A, B        

Secret Wars tie-ins    
Inferno #1    1:25    Granov variant        $9.99
Infinity Gauntlet #1        Skottie Young “Baby” variant        
Infinity Gauntlet #1    1:25    Granov variant        
Inhumans Attilan Rising #1        Skottie Young “Baby” variant        
Inhumans Attilan Rising #1    1:20    Forbes Promo variant        
Inhumans Attilan Rising #1    1:25    Johnson “Design” variant        
MODOK Assassin #1    1:25    Walta variant      
Old Man Logan #1        Skottie Young “Baby” variant      
Old Man Logan #1    1:25    Sorrentino variant        
Old Man Logan #1    1:25    McNiven variant        
Secret Wars 2099 #1    1:25    Lim variant      
Secret Wars Journal #1        Action Figure variant        
Secret Wars Journal #1    1:25    Nguyen variant        
Where Monsters Dwell #1    1:25    Maleev variant      

Graphic Novels Highlights

Velvet TP Vol 2 The Secret Lives of Dead Men

(W) Tom Waltz & Various (A) Mateus Santolouco & Various (CA) Dan Duncan
IDW’s re-launch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been a hit with fans and critics alike. Now, collect the series in all-new oversized hardcovers that present the stories in recommended reading order. Collects the first 12 issues of the new ongoing series plus the Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Splinter Micro-Series one-shots spliced in between.

Cover Price: $49.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $39.99 (20% off)

Guardians 3000 TP Vol 1 Time After Time
(W) Dan Abnett (A) Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Alex Ross
The original, classic Guardians of the Galaxy return! Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex, Starhawk and Charlie-27 fight to save the 31st century from the Badoon. But they soon discover an even worse threat! Time is collapsing, the very future is in danger, and the only possibility of salvation relies on the Guardians’ shoulders. But as the team finds themselves caught in a deathtrap, and Vance encounters a Guardian that has been wiped from all memory, they must find a doorway into the past to save the future – and that means striking a deal with the most dangerous being in the galaxy! Even with allies like Star-Lord and the last Nova, can the Guardians meet their greatest challenge: not just guarding the galaxy, but saving the universe? Collecting GUARDIANS 3000 #1-5 and material from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2013) #14.

Cover Price: $15.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $9.59 (40% off)

The Valiant TP

(W) Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt (A/CA) Paolo Rivera
A battle ten millennia in the making is about to begin…The Eternal Warrior has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years. A master of countless weapons and long forgotten martial arts, he is guided by the Geomancers – those who speak for the Earth. During his long watch, the Eternal Warrior has failed three times. Each time, the Geomancer was killed…and a new dark age for humanity began. Each time, he was unable to stop The Immortal Enemy – a monstrous force of nature. A civilization killer. A horror that appears differently each time it arrives…and whose seemingly only purpose is to bring disorder and darkness to the world. Now, the time has come for The Immortal Enemy to return once more. But, this time, the Eternal Warrior will be ready. This time, he has a force greater than any single warrior. This time, he has…THE VALIANT. Presenting the complete sold-out epic from New York Times best-selling writers Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Green Arrow) & Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT) and Eisner Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil), discover why Valiant is one of the most critically acclaimed publishers in comics today with an all-star introduction to Bloodshot, the Eternal Warrior, Geomancer, and a visionary cast of heroes and villains from across the Valiant Universe – all for the low introductory price of $9.99. Collecting THE VALIANT #1-4.

Cover Price: $9.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $7.99 (20% off)

Thanos vs Hulk TP

(W/A/CA) Jim Starlin
Cosmic legend and fan-favorite creator Jim Starlin delivers an epic tale of Smash versus Space as the Emerald Avenger goes head-to-head with the Mad Titan! It’s bad enough that the Hulk has been kidnapped by Pip the Troll and traded to Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone. But things get worse when Thanos is thrown into the mix! Annihilus plots to exploit the Hulk in a most unexpected fashion, but Thanos soon launches some Machiavellian machinations of his own. As Annihilus gains vast new might, the Hulk rampages through the Negative Zone – with Annihilus’ perennial rival Blastaar in hot pursuit! But when Thanos’ devious scheme comes to a head, can the Hulk survive? And can Thanos withstand the Hulk’s pure physical power unleashed? Find out right here! Collecting THANOS VS. HULK #1-4 and WARLOCK (1972) #12.
Cover Price: $16.99

Pulp Fiction Price: $10.19 (40% off)

Edward Scissorhands TP Vol 1 Parts Unknown

(W) Kate Leth (A/CA) Drew Rausch
An all-new adventure revisits Edward Scissorhands! Two generations of exile have left Edward digging through abandoned experiments, but once he wakes up a creature left buried, he discovers he isn’t the only one missing a vital piece. Collects issues #1-5.

Cover Price: $19.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $15.99 (20% off)

That’s it for this week!