Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 6/10

Hello everyone! Best get ready for another looong newsletter as we are still quite in the thick of Secret Wars and DC’s new series campaign. To help you keep up with all the news series, we have another 18 deals of the week so save money now and try new stuff while the savings are good! We’ll also be giving a Batman Beyond or Harley Quinn promo mask to everyone that makes a DC purchase this week!  On the trade side, we have the first collection of the best-selling Batgirl run that started with issue #35. DC’s making both paperback and hardcover available at the same time. Transmetropolitan has graduated to Absolute status, hot books East of West and Ms Marvel get another installment, and the long out of print collection of the original Tales from Crypt stories get a reprint!

At the Culver City location, we’ve priced and shelved a bunch of “new” used graphic novels. We’ve been buying a lot of stuff from folks with good taste that need to move, etc. Get back there and check it out before all the good stuff gets nabbed! We also have a creator appearance this Wednesday at Culver by Inferno Los Angeles creators, Ron Bassilian and Jim Wheelock. It’s the perfect book for Angelinos with a flair for Middle Age literature. See you at the bottom…

Upcoming Events

Creator Appearance – Ron Bassilian, Jim Wheelock
Wednesday, June 10th 11-2, 5-close
Culver City Location

Come check out comic creators, Ron Bassilian and Jim Wheelock and their graphic novel, Inferno Los Angeles!
Preview here.

Creator Appearance – Kel Symons
Wednesday, June 17th
Culver City Location

Comics scribe, Kel Symons (I Love Trouble, The Mercenary Sea) will be here signing and promoting his new Image graphic novel, Reyn. Preview here.

Back in Stock


DC variants
Batman #41 Joker variant $3.99
Constantine #1 1:25 variant $9.99
Earth 2 Society #1 1:25 variant  $9.99
Red Hood Arsenal #1 1:25 variant $9.99
Section 8 #1 1:25 variant $9.99

Secret Wars variants
1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 Gwengela variant $6.99
1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 1:25 Isonove variant $9.99
Captain Marvel and Carol Corps #1 Action Figure variantt $6.99
Captain Marvel and Carol Corps #1 1:15 Maos variant $6.99
Captain Marvel and Carol Corps #1 1:25 Deodato variant $9.99
Ghost Racers #1 1:25 Moore variant $9.99
Ghost Racers #1 1:25 Panosian variant $9.99
Inferno #2 1:25 Clarke variant $9.99
Inhumans #2 1:25 Johnson “design” variant $9.99
Marvel Zombies #1 1:25 Land variant $9.99
Mrs Deadpool and Howling Comandoes #1 1:25 Team variant     $9.99
Mrs Deadpool and Howling Comandoes #1 1:25  Warren variant $9.99
Mrs Deadpool and Howling Comandoes #1 1:25 Howling variant $9.99
Secret Wars 2099 #2 Spider-Gwen 2099 variant $5.99
Spider-Verse #2 1:25 Isanove variant $9.99
Ultimate End #2 Gwendis variant $5.99
Weirdworld #1 1:15 Del Mundo “design” variant $6.99
Weirdworld #1 Skottie Young “baby” variant $6.99
Weirdworld #1 1:15 Johnson variant $6.99
Weirdworld #1 1:25 Frison varinat $9.99
Weirdworld #1 1:20 Bisley variant $9.99
Weirdworld #1 1:25 Epting variant $9.99

Other variants
Howard the Duck #2 “Run the Jewels” sketch variant $9.99
Providence #1 “Ancient Tomb” Retailer variant $5.99

New Releases 6/10/15

Cick here for a full list of all of this week’s new releases.

New Comics Highlights

Midnight Society The Black Lake #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W/A/CA) Drew Johnson
Forty years ago, England’s greatest adventurers cast aside their friendship, making a choice that would come to haunt humanity. Now, secret agent Matilda Finn will face the consequences of that choice as she aids in a frantic rescue operation at Scotland’s Loch Ness, where something terrible is waiting to draw her into the fight of her life!
Preview here.

Starve #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Brian Wood (A) Danijel Zezelj, Dave Stewart (CA) Dave Stewart, Danijel Zezelj

Once the world’s most famous chef, Gavin Cruikshank’s been in a self-imposed exile for years. His little foodie television program has since evolved into STARVE, an arena sport that pits chef against chef for the pleasure of their super-rich patrons. It’s a stain on a once-noble profession, and Chef Gavin is ready to go to war to stop it. Two things stand in his way: his arch rival Roman Algiers, and his adult daughter Angie, who probably just wants her dad back and acting normal. Whipsmart world-building and a creative dream team (DMZ, The Massive, Star Wars, Loveless, Hellboy, The Sandman) come together for a brand new monthly series!

Preview here

Clarence #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Liz Prince, Derek Fridolfs (A) Evan Palmer, JJ Harrison (CA) JJ Harrison

Clarence is a typical fourth grader who’s always on the search for fun with everyone, finding adventures everywhere from the classroom to his own imagination. Life might throw a bully or a grumpy adult in his path, but Clarence puts a stop to that with kindness and treating everyone like a friend.

Preview here

Providence #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Jacen Burrows

The most important work of 2015 begins here with the long-awaited arrival of Alan Moore’s breathtaking epic PROVIDENCE with his artistic partner Jacen Burrows.  In his most carefully considered work in decades, Moore deconstructs all of Lovecraft’s concepts, reinventing the entirety of his work inside a painstakingly researched framework of American history. Both sequel and prequel to NEONOMICON, PROVIDENCE begins in 1919 and blends the mythical visions of HPL flawlessly into the cauldron of racial and sexual intolerance that defined that era on the East Coast of America. Every line from artist Jacen Burrows is perfectly honed to complete this immersive experience. The result is a breathtaking masterpiece of sequential art that will define modern horror for this generation. Invoking a comparison it to a prior literary masterpiece is not something to be handled lightly, but in scope, importance and execution: Providence is the Watchmen of horror.

Preview here

Batman Superman #21 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Ardian Syaf
The epic new storyline “TRUTH” continues! In this chapter, what are the consequences of a bond broken?
Preview here

Constantine The Hellblazer #1 Deal of the Month $1.50

(W) Ming Doyle (A/CA) Riley Rossmo
The dark adventures of DC’s foremost occult detective continue in an all-new series as he investigates the cruelest case he’s ever come across – his own dark history!
Preview here

Earth Two Society #1 Deal of the Month $1.50

(W) Daniel H. Wilson (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez
The survivors of Earth-2’s war with Apokolips find themselves on a new world, but can Green Lantern, Power Girl, a new Batman and the other heroes of Earth-2 create a new world that’s better than the last, or will their interference and good intentions doom this world, just like the old one?
Preview here

Red Hood Arsenal #1 Deal of the Month $1.50

(W) Scott Lobdell (A) Denis Medri (CA) Howard Porter
These brothers in arms face off against incredible odds while burning their way through the underbelly of the DC Universe – and it’s only a matter of time until they get gunned down in return!
Preview here

Section 8 #1 Deal of the Month $1.50

(W) Garth Ennis (A) John McCrea (CA) Amanda Conner
The greatest super heroes of all time, unseen since the end of the hit series HITMAN, have returned for the greatest super hero story ever told! Befuddled hero Sixpack returns to Gotham City, desperate to rebuild the all-star team known as Section Eight in the face of a deadly threat. He gathers old friends Bueno Excellente, Baytor and the seemingly reborn Dogwelder, along with some new faces – but he still needs that elusive eighth member. And that’s when the Dark Knight Detective gets an offer he can’t refuse in part one of this unforgettable six-issue miniseries.
Preview here

Starfire #1 Deal of the Month $1.50

(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A) Emanuela Lupacchino (CA) Amanda Conner
From the writers of the outrageous smash hit HARLEY QUINN comes former Outlaw Starfire in her all-new ongoing series! She’s an alien warrior princess trying to find peace on Earth, and she’ll fight anyone and anything to get it!
Preview here

New Suicide Squad #9 Deal of the Week $1.50

(W) Sean Ryan (A) Philippe Briones (CA) Juan Ferreyra
An unstable, violent group has broken away from the League of Assassins! Only the Suicide Squad stands a chance of stopping them – if they’re willing to get even more unstable and violent!
Preview here

Secret Wars 1602 Witchhunter Angela #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Marguerite Bennett, Kieron Gillen (A) Stephanie Hans, Marguerite Sauvage (CA) Stephanie Hans

• In the altered realms of BATTLEWORLD, Angela and Sera are WITCH HUNTERS, the scourges of King James’ England, 1602.
•  In a land beset by magic and monstrosity, they seek a new and seductive evil-not witchbreed, but deal-making FAUSTIANS, who bargain with ancient creatures for unnatural power!
•  Moral ambiguity? Fancy allusions? Marguerite making the most of that English degree?

Preview here

Secret Wars Captain Marvel & Carol Corps #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson (A/CA) David Lopez

• Atten-Hut!  These ladies are the best of the best–and will take you down if you threaten their Captain.
•  Welcome to Hala Field, where being a part of the elite Carol Corps, requires guts, guile and a whole lot of grit.  So put on your uniform and get ready for a high-flying Captain Marvel series years in the making.

Preview here

Secret Wars Ghost Racers #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Felipe Smith (A) Juan Gedeon (CA) Francesco Francavilla

•  Welcome to the scorching-hot track where cursed souls race at the speed of sin, anything and everything goes and the only rule is no rule–it’s the spectacle known as the GHOST RACES; the most hellish “entertainment” known to BATTLEWORLD!
•  1st place prize: Temporary freedom from the ARENA, but what happens to the unlucky and unholy losers?
•  It’s all-out, high-speed warfare among the most bizarre and vicious GHOST RIDERS of the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Expect MANY familiar SKULLS!!

Preview here

Secret Wars Marvel Zombies #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Simon Spurrier (A/CA) Kev Walker

• Elsa Bloodstone is stationed on the Shield, burdened with the Sisyphean task of keeping the zombie hordes from rampaging through Battleworld.
•  In those moments where she’s not enrapt in the throes of battle, she meditates on her deceased father…how everything he taught her gave her the means to fight the zombies, but all the love he didn’t give her is what motivated the self-destructive actions that landed her on the Wall in the first place.
•  But when she sees a human child caught in the middle of the zombieverse, she’ll muster every ounce of determination she has to throw herself into the zombie horde to rescue the girl.
•  And once Elsa finds her, she’s going to have to fight her way back out…

Preview here

Secret Wars Mrs Deadpool and Howling Commandos #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Salva Espin (CA) Reilly Brown

• She is Shiklah-undisputed Queen of the Monster Metropolis below Manhattan!
•  In the world that was, she married Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth…
•  …But nothing on Battleworld is quite as it was.
•  Now, she commands the Howling Commandos: Werewolf By Night! Frankenstein’s Monster! The Living Mummy! Man-Thing! And Marcus the Centaur!
•  What would her late husband think of that???

Preview here

Secret Wars Weirdworld #1 Deal of the Week $1.99

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Mike Del Mundo

• Welcome to the wildest, most dangerous new corner of the Marvel Universe. Welcome to Weirdworld.
•  A world of swords and sorcery and strange, perverted science. A world where one barbarian walks alone, on a dark and savage quest though all things weird and fantastic from throughout Marvel history.
•  His name is Arkon. A lost man in a lost world. Follow him if you dare.

Preview here

Batman #41

(W) Scott Snyder (A) Greg Capullo, Danny Miki (CA) Greg Capullo
The all-new Batman makes his debut! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!

Detective #41

(W) Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato (A/CA) Francis Manapul
Following the events of “Endgame,” get ready to ride with the GCPD in a whole new city! Harvey Bullock is leading a Bat task force, but what are his duties, and can he be trusted? And what kind of welcome awaits his new partner, Renee Montoya?

Preview here

Gotham Academy #7 

(W) Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher (A) Mingjue Helen Chen (CA) Becky Cloonan
Special guest student Damian Wayne drops by the academy – and he is not pleased to meet his new classmates!

Preview here

21st century Tank Girl  #1

(W) Alan Martin (A) Jamie Hewlett & Various (CA) Jamie Hewlett
Jamie Hewlett returns to Tank Girl! After a break of 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett (GORILLAZ) is leaping back on the Tank Girl wagon, re-teaming with series co-creator Alan Martin to bring you a whole new take on the foul-mouthed, gun toting, swill-swigging hellion! Featuring riotous 100% original content from Hewlett & Martin along with contributions from a host of series stalwarts and newcomers, get your head down, put your hands over your private parts, and prepare for a chaotic collection of strips, pin-ups, and random carnage!

Preview here

Blubber #1

(W/A/CA) Gilbert Hernandez
What’s this? An all-new, stand-alone, one-shot comic book from one of our greatest living cartoonists? Christmas has come early! Featuring six mostly wordless, thoroughly surreal adventures featuring a cast of misfits, monsters, and anthropomorphs that could only spring from the id of the great Hernandez, last year’s Eisner Award winner for “Best Short Story”! DEMONS AND ANGELS:

Preview here

Harrow County #2

(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Tyler Crook
As Emmy learns the secrets of her world from the strange and terrifying Tattered Skin, her father’s unusual behavior becomes ever more frightening, and the townsfolk begin to assemble with a deadly intent!

Injection #2

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Declan Shalvey

INJECTION is the new ongoing series created by the acclaimed creative team of MOON KNIGHT. In this issue: the five members of the Cross-Cultural Contamination Unit came from very different backgrounds.  Simeon Winters, for instance, came from a department of the British Foreign Office. The one that kills foreign people. Also this issue: sandwiches.

Graphic Novels Highlights

Batgirl Vol 1 The Batgirl of Burnside

(W) Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher (A) Babs Tarr, Irene Koh (CA) Cameron Stewart
Barbara Gordon is no stranger to dusting herself off when disaster strikes, so when a fire destroys everything she owns, she spots the opportunity for a new lease on life – and seizes it! Following the rest of Gotham City’s young adults to the hip border district of Burnside, Barbara sets about building an all-new Batgirl…and discovers new threats preying on her peers! As the new hero of Burnside, Batgirl gets started by facing twin sister assassins on motorcycles! Collects BATGIRL #35-40.

Hardcover Price: $24.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $14.99 (40% off)

Paperback Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $8.99 (40% off)

Absolute Transmetropolitan HC Vol 1
(W) Warren Ellis (A) Darick Robertson, Rodney Ramos (CA) Geof Darrow
Collecting the first 21 issues of Warren Ellis’s dystopian masterpiece! After years of self-imposed exile, cynical journalist Spider Jerusalem is forced to return to a job that he hates and a city that he loathes. Working as an investigative reporter for the newspaper The Word, Spider attacks the injustices of his surreal 21st century surroundings.

Cover Price: $125
Pulp Fiction Price: $75 (40% off)

East of West TP Vol 4 Who Wants War
(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Nick Dragotta
It’s the fourth volume of the Eisner-nominated, best-selling EAST OF WEST.

“WHO WANTS WAR?” sees YEAR TWO of the Apocalypse kick into high gear.


Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

Ms Marvel TP Vol 3 Crushed

(W) C. Willow Wilson, Mark Waid (A) Takeshi Miyagawa, Humberto Ramos (CA) Marguerite Sauvage
Love is in the air in Jersey City as Valentine’s Day arrives! Kamala Khan may not be allowed to go to the school dance, but Ms. Marvel is! Well sort of – by crashing it in an attempt to capture Asgard’s most annoying trickster! Yup, it’s a special Valentine’s Day story featuring Marvel’s favorite charlatan, Loki! And when a mysterious stranger arrives in Jersey City, Ms. Marvel must deal with…a crush! Because this new kid is really, really cute. What are these feelings, Kamala Khan? Prepare for drama! Intrigue! Romance! Suspense! Punching things! All this and more! The fan-favorite, critically acclaimed, amazing new series continues as Kamala Khan proves why she’s the best (and most adorable) new super hero there is! Plus, see what happens when SHIELD agent Jemma Simmons goes undercover at Kamala’s school! Collecting MS. MARVEL (2014) #12-15 and S.H.I.E.L.D. #2.

Cover Price: $15.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $9.59 (40% off)

Bodies TP

(W) Si Spencer (A) Dean Ormston & Various (CA) Fiona Stephenson
The eight-issue miniseries is collected in one volume! Vertigo brings you a mystery with four detectives, four time periods, and four dead bodies – all set in London. Edmond Hillinghead is an 1890s overachiever who’s trying to solve a murder no one cares about while hiding his own secret. Karl Whiteman is our dashing 1940s adventurer with a shocking past. Shahara Hasan is 2014’s kickass female Detective Sergeant, who walks the line between religion and power. And Maplewood, an amnesiac from post-apocalyptic 2050, brings a haunting perspective to it all.
Cover Price: $16.99

Pulp Fiction Price: $10.19 (40% off)

BPRD 1946 – 1948

(W) Mike Mignola & Various (A) Gabriel Ba & Various (CA) Mike Mignola
In the wake of World War II, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm – occult investigator and guardian of the young Hellboy – and a group of war-weary veterans investigate Hitler’s top-secret Project Vampir Sturm, exposing one of the greatest villains of the Third Reich, uncovering the secret history of vampires, and leading one Bureau agent to risk his soul and his mind. Collects B.P.R.D.: 1946, 1947, and 1948.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $24.49 (30% off)

Ody-C TP Vol 1

(W) Matt Fraction (A/CA) Christian Ward
The first five issues of FRACTION and WARD’s epic science fiction, gender-broke, mind-expanding retelling of THE ODYSSEY. Collects ODY-C #1-5

Cover Price: $9.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $6.99 (30% off)

EC Archives Tales From the Crypt HC Vol 1

(W/A) Al Feldstein & Various (CA) Al Feldstein
As any fan of comics knows, EC comics still represent the best of Golden Age writing and artwork. Now, Dark Horse Books is proud to bring you the very first issues of EC’s Tales from the Crypt, featuring the amazing artistic talents of Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, George Roussos, Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Graham Ingels, and Jack Kamen! Collects The Crypt of Terror #17-#19 and Tales from the Crypt #20-#22 in full color!

Cover Price: $49.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $34.99 (30% off)

Grip Strange World of Men HC

(W/A/CA) Gilbert Hernandez
Comics luminary Gilbert Hernandez delivers a genre mash-up unlike any other! When Mike Chang wakes up with nothing but a lipstick smudge, someone else’s suit, and amnesia, he’s thrown into a world of criminal gangs, crime fighters, skin swappers, and a one-eyed girl with bizarre powers! Collects Grip #1-#5.

Cover Price: $19.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $13.99 (30% off)

That’s it for this week!