Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 8/24/16

Hello everyone. It’s a little bit of a light week, but it’s with a heavy heart that I impart some news to our Culver City customers (no, we’re not closing). I’m afraid, this will be my last week at the Culver City store. I will be returning to my native land, and working at the Long Beach store for the foreseeable future. I believe I’ve left the Culver store in good hands with Marie and Kriss, and I’m sure I’ll be covering shifts for them from time to time, so as one customer has already put it, “It’s not really goodbye. It’s more like, see you later.” I wanted to say thank you for helping to cultivate a great comic community and I’m going to miss you all very much. And to the Long Beach customers: I’m very much looking forward to meeting those of you who’ve discovered us while I was away in Culver, and looking forward to reconnecting with those who were with us before I left.

Ok, that’s enough mushy stuff. See you at the bottom…

Upcoming Events

Comic Jam
Pulp Fiction Culver City Saturday, August 27 2 PM – 5 PM
Come Draw Comics with us at Pulp Fiction’s Comic Jam! What is a Comic Jam? One person draws in a beginning panel, then a different person continues with a following panel, and so on until you have a finished comic page. From comic book professionals to occasional scratch pad doodlers, everyone is welcome. It’s a time when you can let loose with your imagination, have fun and not worry if it’s perfect or not. B.Y.O.pens. Paper is provided. FREE to Attend.

Page-Turners Graphic Novel Club
Pulp Fiction Culver City Sunday, August 28 at 4PM
This month’s theme is “Religion”. Can be a mythical religion or a real-world one, but anything dealing with religion is valid. Even if you don’t have a book, we’d still love to have you! Come on by! Listen, chat, and read! It’s sure to be a blast!

Pulp Fiction Manga Club
Pulp Fiction Culver City Sunday, Sept 11 at 4PM
All are welcome!

Kickstarter Class for Independent Creators
Pulp Fiction Culver City Sunday, September 25 from 12 – 3PM
Having successfully funded three Kickstarters for her comic Boston Metaphysical Society in 2014, writer/creator, Madeleine Holly-Rosing will share her very specific and practical strategies for running a successful Kickstarter with a goal of under 10K. This class is designed for individual creators who cannot afford to hire a team or a PR person.

New Comics Highlights

Click here for a full list of all of the week’s new releases.

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1  Deal of the Week $1.50!  50% OFF

(W) Keith Giffen (A/CA) Scott Kolins

Lost in the desert with no memory of the past few years, teenager Jaime Reyes must find his way home again-but when he reaches his town, he’s shocked to find it abandoned and in the hands of government officials…officials who are very interested in the Blue Beetle and the scarab that gives him his power! How can Jaime find his family and uncover the secret behind the town’s seizure-and why Kord Industries is helping keep the world from learning the truth?

Kingsway West #1  Deal of the Week $1.99!  50% OFF

(W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Mirko Colak

After thirteen years in prison, a Chinese gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to find his wife. But in a fantastical American Old West crackling with magic, monsters, and racist vigilantes, trouble just won’t leave him be. And in this case, trouble is a woman with a magic sword who needs his help.

Civil War II: Ulysses #1

(W) Al Ewing (A) Jefte Palo (CA) Francesco Francavilla

•  How did Ulysses join the Inhumans?
•  What difficult journey did he have to go through to master his powers?

Deathstroke #1

(W) Christopher Priest (A/CA) Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz

“The Professional” part one! Deathstroke’s latest contract takes him to a war-torn African country, where he finds himself caught in the middle of a disintegrating alliance between a ruthless dictator and a deadly super-villain. With an entire nation at stake, Slade Wilson must choose between fulfilling his contract and saving an old friend.

Hellblazer #1

(W) Simon Oliver (A/CA) Moritat

“The Poison Truth” part one! London may have recovered from Constantine’s return, but he hasn’t. Mercury hasn’t forgiven him, but she won’t leave him alone, and Swamp Thing is calling in a favor. And all the while, bigger things are brewing…

Lake of Fire #1
(W) Nathan Fairbairn (CA) Nathan Fairbairn (A/CA) Matt Smith

It is 1220 AD, and the gears of the Albigensian Crusade grind on. When an alien mining-craft infested with a horde of bloodthirsty predators crash-lands in the remote wilderness of the French Pyrenees, a small band of crusaders and a Cathar heretic are all that stand between God’s Kingdom and Hell on Earth.

Snotgirl #2
(W) Bryan Lee O’Malley (A/CA) Leslie Hung

Lottie lays low after last month’s alarming events, but she still has to deal with her stalker! “Sounds gross! Can you change the title?” say our moms. The hottest new series of 2016 is SNOTGIRL from BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY (Scott Pilgrim) and LESLIE HUNG!

Graphic Novel Highlights

Omega Men TP The End is Here

(W) Tom King (A) Barnaby Bagenda, Toby Cypress, Ig Guara, Jos? Marzan (CA) Trevor Hutchinson

The Omega Men are back in an all-new series! They’ve murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner, and now the universe wants them to pay! Who are these intergalactic criminals-and is there more to their actions than meets the eye? The entire, acclaimed 12-issue series is collected here!

Cover Price: $24.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $14.99 (40% OFF)

Pretty Deadly TP Vol 2

(W) Kelly Sue DeConnick (A/CA) Emma Rios

KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (Captain Marvel, BITCH PLANET) and EMMA RÍOS  (ISLAND, MIRROR) present the follow up to the Eisner-nominated, New York Times bestselling PRETTY DEADLY VOL. 1: THE SHRIKE.  Sarah Fields is dying and her children strike a bargain with the Immortals: give them one month more, until the moon is full again, to find her youngest son so that he may see her one last time. But the boy is far, far away, in the trenches of France, stalked by the Reapers of Vengeance and Cruelty.
Collects PRETTY DEADLY #6-10

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% OFF)

Scarlet Prem HC Vol 2

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Alex Maleev

The most controversial and best-reviewed comic book on the stands today is back! From the Eisner Award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev (DAREDEVIL, SPIDER-WOMAN, MOON KNIGHT) comes the next chapter in Scarlet’s one-woman American Revolution. Scarlet has declared war on a city strangled from within by corruption! Her call to arms has been heard all over the world – but now Scarlet makes her boldest move yet, taking City Hall hostage while the entire country watches. How will the public react to her list of demands? Can a modern revolution gain traction? And what will the government do to shut her down? The answers will surprise you, as Scarlet finds herself forced to make a dangerous and desperate move: letting them capture her! The creator-owned hit is back – and bolder than ever! Collecting SCARLET #6-10.

Cover Price: $24.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $14.99 (40% OFF)

That’s it for this week!