Pulp Fiction Newsletter Week of 8/26/15

Hey guys. So first thing, Long Beach Comic Con is on the horizon (Sept 12-13)! We have tickets available at both stores, $30 for Sat, $35 for Sunday, or $50 for the weekend. Check out what LBCC has in store this year.

Sadly, there are no deals of the week for this Wednesday, but there’s still a bunch of cool stuff to get excited about like

Mike Mignola’s return to Hellboy…where he last left him …you know…in that place. ALSO, one my favorite new books, Rumble has returned from its brief hiatus and if I managed to throw a trade at you and it stuck, you can jump on the monthly series this week with issue #6! On the trade side, we have a new volume of Walking Dead, the first collections of some popular Image series, and some reprints of some stuff that’s been unavailable for awhile, specifically Nextwave Agents of Hate by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen. That book is just a pure joy to read and look at. See you at the bottom…


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New Releases 8/26/15

Click here for a full list of all of this week’s new releases.

New Comics Highlights

Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #1 (of 6)

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Alisson Borges (CA) Stjepan Sejic
Witness the birth of Gotham City’s newest villain, the Arkham Knight, in this stunning new 6-issue miniseries written by Peter J. Tomasi, the man behind the hit series BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT and BATMAN AND ROBIN!

Book of Death The Fall of Ninjak #1

(W) Matt Kindt (A) Trevor Hairsine (CA) Kano
So let it be written, so let it be done…In the ruins of his mansion, Colin King hunkers down as the last living member of Unity after the Third Armor Hunt – or so he thinks. A visit from an old friend and a peace offering present the chance for Ninjak to break the cycle of death and escape the horrible fate foretold in the Book of the Geomancer. Will he betray his dead friends or will THE FALL OF NINJAK come to pass and give rise to a very familiar future…The superstar team that brought you DIVINITY – New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine – reunite to reveal an essential new chapter of BOOK OF DEATH, ripped from the future of the Valiant Universe!

Cyborg #2

(W) David Walker (A/CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
The most advanced tech known to humans has been used to turn Vic Stone in to Cyborg, making him one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Now he’s been targeted by alien invaders that want his technology-even if they have to kill Cyborg and everyone he knows to get it!

Drive #1

(W) Michael Benedetto (A/CA) Antonio Fuso
A hard-boiled pop-culture sensation re-created for comics. In L.A., there’s one man you want behind the wheel. Just tell him where and when. He doesn’t take part, doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t carry a weapon. He drives, and he’s the best. Ride along as James Sallis’ lean nü-noir masterpiece unfolds onto the sun-bleached streets of Los Angeles in this exciting 4-part comic book adaptation.

Hank Johnson Agent of Hydra #1

(W) David Mandel (A) Michael Walsh (CA) Amanda Conner
Hey there, comic reader! Have you ever wondered what Hydra agents do during their downtime? No? Well…then, uh, go read HAIL HYDRA. For everyone else with a burning desire to see a Hydra agent letting it all hang out, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! BE THRILLED as Hank picks up his kids from school! BE AMAZED as Hank talks with Hydra’s HR department! And BE STUPEFIED as Hank wishes he had picked a different line of work! From CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM executive producer David Mandel, Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra will have you looking at faceless henchmen in a whole new light.

Hellboy in Hell #7 

(W/A/CA) Mike Mignola

“The Hounds of Pluto” Part 1 of 2.

A sickness eats away at Hellboy. Though he’s dead, he risks losing himself and becoming one of the hollow phantoms that haunt Hell. A team of doctors promise a cure, but they need something from him first . . .

Rumble #6

(W) John Arcudi (A/CA) James Harren
RUMBLE #6 is a stand-alone story that is also the first chapter of the next big arc. Featuring a wraparound cover by JAMES HARREN and a variant cover by superstar LEE BERMEJO!

The Seven Per-cent Solution #1

(W) Scott Tipton, David Tipton (A) Ron Joseph (CA) Kelley Jones
The best-selling Sherlock Holmes novel by writer/director Nicholas Meyer comes to comics! The real story behind Sherlock Holmes’ final confrontation with Professor Moriarty is at long last revealed! Who is the real Moriarty? Why did Holmes disappear for so long? The game is afoot!

Stringers #1

(W) Marc Guggenheim (A/CA) Justin Greenwood
Paul and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong, Nick and Paul find themselves on the run.

Tomorrows #2

(W) Curt Pires (A) Jason Copland, Alexis Ziritt (CA) Alexis Ziritt, Dylan Todd
Rio. One of the Tomorrows is dead. It’s up to Claudius to find out who killed him.
Also: a vision of the future.

Zodiac Starforce #1

(W) Kevin Panetta (A) Paulina Ganucheau (CA) Marguerite Sauvage
An elite group of teenage girls with magical powers have sworn to protect our planet against dark creatures . . . as long as they can get out of class! These high-school girls aren’t just combating math tests. They’re also battling monsters! But when an evil force infects leader Emma, she must work with her team to save herself-and the world-from the evil Diana and her mean-girl minions!
Graphic Novels Highlights

The Adventures of Basil and Moebius Vol 2 The Shadow Gambit

(W) Ryan Schifrin, Larry Hama (A) Robert Atkins, Fritz Casas (CA) Greg Staples
Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox are two lovable scoundrels looking to make a quick fortune.  In the employment of the mysterious “Collector,” they find themselves on a globe-trotting adventure through the gambling dens of Monaco, the ruins of a U-boat bunker in Germany, the skyscrapers of Japan, the waters off the Falkland Islands, and a mysterious Nazi facility deep under the South Pole, all in search of secret powerful weapons smuggled away after WWII.  All the while battling mercenaries, ninjas, pirates, undead assassins, and Nazi robots.  A rip-roaring tale of action and rollercoaster thrills!

Cover Price: $18.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $15.19 (20% off)

Cowl TP Vol 2 The Greater Good
(W) Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel (A) Rod Reis (CA) Trevor McCarthy
With super villain threats a problem of the past, a strike on his hands, and scandal on the horizon, Geoffrey Warner has taken drastic steps to breathe life back into the Chicago Organized Workers League. But how far will his false-flag operation reach? Is there any line he won’t cross for “the greater good?”Collects C.O.W.L. #7-11

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

Crimson HC Vol 1
(W) Brian Augustyn (A/CA) Humberto Ramos
Crimson, the beloved series by Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man) and Brian Augustyn (Batman: Gotham By Gaslight), returns! For the first time ever in the prestigious hardcover format, experience Alex Elder’s ascension from vampire victim to “The Chosen One,” destined to bring about the end of all vampires! Collects the first 12 issues of the series.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $27.99 (20% off)

Five Ghosts TP Vol 3 Monsters and Men

(W) Frank Barbiere (A/CA) Chris Mooneyham
The critically acclaimed literary pulp adventure continues!  Fabian Gray journeys to Eastern Europe on a quest to save his closest ally while battling his own inner-demons. Collects FIVE GHOSTS #13-17 and & FIVE GHOSTS: SPECIAL #1

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

Invisible Republic TP Vol 1
(W) Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko (A/CA) Gabriel Hardman
When a reporter unearths the secret history of the recently deposed dictator of a remote colonized moon, he discovers exposing secrets can deadly. Collects INVISIBLE REPUBLIC #1-5.

Cover Price: $9.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $6.99 (30% off)

Nextwave Agents of Hate Complete TP

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Stuart Immonen
RRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! Action! Excitement! Explosions! The Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort, or H.A.T.E. (a subsidiary of the Beyond Corporation©) put NEXTWAVE together to fight Bizarre Weapons of Mass Destruction. When NEXTWAVE discovers that H.A.T.E. and Beyond© are terrorist cells themselves, and that the BWMDs were intended to kill them, they are less than pleased. In fact, they are rather angry. So they make things explode. Lots of things. Starring Monica Rambeau (formerly Captain Marvel and Photon), Aaron Stack (Machine Man), Tabitha Smith (X-Force’s Meltdown), monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone and The Captain! If you like anything, you will LOVE NEXTWAVE! BOOM! Included on the Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for 2007 by the Youth Adult Library Services Association, Nextwave is a pure extraction of comic-book action and adventure, with plenty of kicks, punches and explosions along the way! Collecting NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF H.A.T.E. #1-12.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $20.99 (40% off)

Return of the Living Deadpool TP

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Nicole Virella (CA) Jay Shaw
NIGHT OF THE LIVING Deadpool brought you the tale of the Merc with the Mouth trapped in a zombie apocalypse. Our hero eventually found a “cure” to the outbreak – any zombie that ate Deadpool transformed…into another Deadpool. Happily ever after? Not so fast! Because wandering hordes of Deadpools might just be worse than flesh-hungry walking corpses! Now, the world is overrun by zillions of Deadpools AND zillions of zombies, and a girl named Liz just wants to live through the night. But did she really just find a good Deadpool among the chaotic hordes? Plus: Wait, what’s the actual danger of a planet overrun with Deadpools? Tummy sore from laughing? Overdose of awesomesauce? Or just too much of a good thing? I have no idea how this is going to end.

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.19 (40% off)

Runlovekill TP Vol 1

(W) Jonathan Tsuei (A) Eric Canete (CA) Manu Fernandez
The Origami, a mysterious military organization, is on the hunt for one of their former assassins, Rain Oshiro. Their grasp over the city of Prygat is tightening and Rain has less than twenty-four hours to get out before she’s trapped forever. Rain must face the decisions of her past while using everything at her disposal to avoid capture or even worse, death.

Cover Price: $9.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $6.99 (30% off)

Scalped HC VOl 2 Deluxe Edition

(W) Jason Aaron (A) R. M. Guera & Various (CA) R. M. Guera
In these stories from SCALPED #12-24, on the morning after the opening of the Crazy Horse Casino, Dashiell Bad Horse learns that two women were murdered during the night. It’s up to Dash to find the killers and, in the process, come to grips with his relationship with his own mother. Plus, Chief Red Crow is trying to walk the straight and narrow, but how far will he let Mr. Brass push him?

Cover Price: $29.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $17.99 (40% off)

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Rise of the Sith TP

(W/A) Various (CA) Davide Fabri

The road to Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace begins here! While trying to prevent a war, young Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn has a close encounter with the Dark Side! Years later, Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, face danger again: an out-of-control cloud cruiser and the lawless world of Ord Mantell, where everyone holds a grudge – and a blaster! And Mace Windu’s Jedi Knights clash with the Yinchorri – a race more deadly than they ever imagined! Collecting STAR WARS: JEDI – THE DARK SIDE #1-5, STAR WARS: QUI-GON & OBI-WAN – THE AURORIENT EXPRESS #1-2, STAR WARS: QUI-GON & OBI-WAN – LAST STAND ON ORD MANTELL #1-3, and STAR WARS: JEDI COUNCIL – ACTS OF WAR #1-4 – plus material from STAR WARS (1998) #4-6; and STAR WARS TALES #1, #3-5, #7, #9-10, #13-14 and #24.

Cover Price: $34.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $20.99 (40% off)

Sunny Side Up TP

(W) Jennifer Holm (A/CA) Matthew Holm
From the groundbreaking and award-winning sister-brother team behind Babymouse comes a middle-grade, semi-autobiographical graphic novel. Jennifer L. Holm is the New York Times bestselling and three-time Newbery Honor-winning author of multiple novels for young readers. Matthew Holm was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has been drawing comics since he was in middle school. This sister-brother team created the graphic novel series Babymouse and Squish.

Cover Price: $12.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.39 (20% off)

Sunstone TP Vol 3

(W/A) Stejpan Sejic (CA) Stjepan Sejic
STJEPAN SEJIC continues the critically acclaimed SUNSTONE series with volume three. A classy, sexy, fun, and emotional look at two women and the alternative lifestyle they live. It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love! But the fun and games carry on!

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

The Tithe TP Vol 1

(W) Matt Hawkins (A/CA) Rahsan Ekedal
A heist story unlike any before! Mega-churches are being robbed for millions of dollars by a crusader hacker group known as Samaritan who is giving the money to causes they deem more worthy. This modern day “Robin Hood” is being pursued by two FBI agents who actually admire their quarry but want to stop the theft before it escalates.

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

Uncanny Avengers TP Vol 1 Counter Evolutionary

(W) Rick Remender (A) Daniel Acuña (CA) TBD
From the ashes of AXIS an all-new, all different Avengers assemble! The tragedy at the end of AXIS has left the Uncanny Avengers vulnerable, and someone is taking advantage of it. One of the Avengers oldest foes returns with a terrible secret that will, all hyperbole aside, shatter the lives of two members of the squad. What is Counter-Earth? What terrible secrets does it house? Collecting UNCANNY AVENGERS #1-5.

Cover Price: $17.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.79 (40% off)

Walking Dead TP Vol 24

(W) Robert Kirkman (A) Charlie Adlard & Various (CA) Charlie Adlard, Dave Steward
As the fair opens at Alexandria, old friends return from afar and new adversaries make their introductions. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #139-144.

Cover Price: $14.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.49 (30% off)

Wayward TP Vol 2

(W) Jim Zub (A/CA) Steven Cummings
After the traumatizing finale of volume one, everything has changed for our supernatural teens. Who is Ohara and how does she fit into the great pattern of destiny and power that will change Japan forever?

Cover Price: $16.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $11.89 (30% off)

Manga Highlights

Attack on Titan GN Vol 16

(W/A/CA) Isayama Hajime
What was his father’s sin? Captured by Rod Reiss, the rightful king, Krista and Eren finally have their memories back. What exactly happened to Eren, and what was the crime his father committed? Meanwhile, the Survey Corps desperately hunts for Eren, while at the same time seeking to legitimize their military coup. As the situation inside the walls comes to a head, the mysteries of the world of the Titans seem on the cusp of being solved at last!

Cover Price: $10.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $8.79 (20% off)

Inuyashiki GN Vol 1

(W/A/CA) Hiroya Oku
From Hiroya Oku, bestselling creator of the cult favorite manga series, Gantz. Ichiro Inuyashiki is an upstanding citizen and family man who has worked tirelessly for many years to purchase a home for his family, but because he looks closer to 80 instead of his actual age of 58, everyone treats him like a useless old man. It seems that the only person who will miss him is his newly acquired canine companion, Hanako. One day, while walking Hanako, a blinding light burns through the night sky and Inuyashiki is hit by an extraterrestrial object. Inuyashiki finds himself oddly unscathed, but as time goes by, he discovers his body has been rebuilt by an as of yet unknown alien entity and his new cybernetic body has been endowed with amazing new powers. Inuyashiki takes it upon himself to become a defender of those who have been subjugated and bullied in our modern society!

Cover Price: $12.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $10.39 (20% off)

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Omnibus Ed TP Book 1

(W) Eiji Otsuka (A) Housui Yamazaki (CA) Bunpei Yorifuji
Five spiritualist students at a Buddhist college in Japan realize the job market is tough these days . . . among the living, that is! But the dead need jobs done too, so the five form the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, carrying out the last wishes of their cadaverous  clients, so their souls can move on. But the Kurosagi gang are magnets for weirdness-not just corpses-and every case gets them involved in disturbing personal obsessions, bizarre modern Tokyo fads, and strange rituals of old Japan! Collects The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volumes 1-3.

Cover Price: $19.99
Pulp Fiction Price: $13.99 (30% off)

That’s it for this week!