Special Message from Owner of Pulp Fiction

Opening Day (of the new baseball season for the uninformed) has come and gone.  All is good in the world as the LA Dodgers blew out the hapless San Diego Padres in their home opener.  After the game I found myself thinking about a woman named Sarah Morris

Being a lifelong Dodger fan and sports junkie I stumbled upon Sarah’s first Dodger fan website more than a decade ago (anyone else out there remember tripod.com?).  Her writings were pedestrian, but I liked/agreed with most of her takes, so I would check back every once in a while to see what she had to say. 

It wasn’t until years later that I learned her story…

Bill Plaschke, an otherwise hack of a sportswriter for the LA Times, wrote the story of a lifetime (and created a lifetime fan in me) with his 2001 article, “Her Blue Haven”


And here’s Bill’s follow-up a couple of years later:


Over time Sarah’s writings improved and a style took shape. A few years ago she joined the ranks of professional sportswriters; she now pens a weekly column on Dodgers MLB.com fan access page.  She is also on Twitter occasionally, and it was there that I found myself wandering towards the tail end of the Dodger game, hoping to catch her thoughts about the game and opening day.   What I found was this


So why is Pulp Fiction sharing Sarah’s story with you now?  Aside from the fact that she’s an inspiration (even if she doesn’t see it that way), I think her life’s journey is one that everyone should read about…and remember.  But the real reason is this…Sarah needs help today.  She has started this GoFundMe page to raise money for some life sustaining equipment she needs by the end of this month. And with the help of all you Pulp Fiction is going to make sure she reaches her goal!

Pulp Fiction’s trading post/used book section grosses about $3000 a month.  We will be donating 100% of all proceeds from the “Trading Post” in April to Sarah’s GoFundMe.  My hope is to send Sarah $3800 (or more) by the end of April.  How can you help…come in and get yourself lots (and lots) of gently used books!  And of course you can always go to Sarah’s page directly and make a donation too! 

Reading about Sarah here probably took you a few minutes.  Writing this took me about a little under an hour…on a good day it probably would take Sarah most of the day to write an article this long…and she is happy and feels lucky life gives her the chance to do so.  Let’s all of us try to make things just a little easier for her to keep living the dream…