Save up to 25% off the cover price on new comics,figures/statues and other collectibles when you join the Pulp Fiction Subscription Service!

Tired of “missing out” on your favorite comic/collectible because it sells out before you can get to the store?  Don’t worry, we now have you covered with Pulp Fiction’s Subscription Service.  And best of all, it’s FREE (Basic plan).

How does the Subscription (pull) Service work?

When you sign up you simply give us a list of titles/items you would like to pre-order and have held for you every month.  You can add or delete titles at anytime and you can also pick comics up off the stands at your normal discount.  IT’S THAT EASY!

The only “rules” we have are that you buy any items you preorder and are on hold for you, and that you pick up your order at least once a month (any items not picked up within a month may be charged to credit card on file).

Discount Schedule

PLANS                                                                                    DISCOUNT

BASIC (FREE)                                                                    10% off cover price

PulpREADS members (any paid plan)                 25% off cover price


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